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Please allow me to introduce myself
Posted On 01/27/2013 21:15:58

My name is Craig Lyndes (I will not make you guess).  I am not as young as some of the people who I have found on this site, but I am not retirement age (yet) either.  I have been looking around the web for others who are living full time on the road as I am looking forward to doing the same once this winter is over.


Several times in my life I have been able to indulge in open ended travel in a RV.  The latest was between 2005 and 2007.  I made a Web Blog of my trip, which was more unusual at that time than it is now.

Craig Lyndes’ Travel Blog

Since then I have been living in NW Vermont and working full time.  During this time I courted a wonderful woman, who knew of my nomadic tendencies but married me anyway.  Lucie is at the top of her field as an educator and is a dedicated grandmother, conscientiously spending time with her two grandsons to cultivate a lasting relationship with them.  We have been working together to create a life that honors both of us.

Lucie’s professional website


Since I returned to Vermont to be with Lucie we have been spending our summers at a campground on the shore of Lake Champlain, about 5 miles from the Canadian border.  We work full time while we are at camp, but staying in an RV half the year keeps me sane.

Four years ago I won an Ebay auction and brought home a 1983 Wanderlodge FC 35’ class A RV.  When I told Lucie I had bought our retirement home she was politely enthusiastic.  Since then we have been living in the RV every summer, getting the systems fixed and adjusting to life in an RV.

Our plan is to spend this summer at the campground, living in the RV.  We are starting the difficult process of packing up everything we need to keep that is in our apartment to be put in storage.  Once that is complete we can stop paying rent and will have officially moved into the RV.  Then by October 1 I will quit my job and we will drive south, starting our adventure.  The agreement is that we will return to Vermont the following summer (Vermont is a really nice place to spend the summer) to reconnect with grandchildren.  Lucie will be teaching online courses to grad students while we are on the road.  Part of the deal for living in the RV is I have to keep her connected.

Having fun today learning this Blog posting software!  Stay warm everyone!

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