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A trip to Forget
Posted On: 05/24/2013 20:11:18

2May2013 was the day of infamey (hate not having spell check) I left at 1300 to pick up a friend in the pouring rain of Washington, gy the time we got on the road it was 8pm so we drove for 6 hours and stoped for some needed sleep,

After ahearty breakfast of ???? we got rolling coffee and Mate` in hand down the road to Hmmm we didn't know oh ya Or. then Calif, AZ, NM, and Texas. It rained all night and in the morning just drizled but we had dirt/dust blowing with it so we ended up with MUD and cut grass stuck to the side of battle cruzzer 1. Little did I know of the hole around my water tank drain WOW that was #1, then the rest of the second day was pretty good till we ran out of LPG man stoped at 5 places to no avail. Now the ice box is getting warm everything in the freezer is starting to thaw and THERE IT WAS an open propane place... out came the attendent we turned everything off and he filled our tank up. Our minds are saying "steak and eggs at the next stop" but to our surpize didn't happen we had forgot to push the AUTO BUTTON to turn the frige back oun #2.5 lost all foor except for the eggs.

Now I have saved the best for last; We get to my friends area and the whole septic dumping system plumbing came off and was being draged down the street! Yes I am now dumping raw waste down the street for 35 miles!I kept hearing this scraping like plastic I couldn see anything till I got out and found all the plumding from my wast tanks being dragged down the road! Well I cut the hugh chunk off through it in the back and thank the GOOD GOD IN HEAVEN that all the parts were still there hadn't been given a ticket and we got home safely. We'll see what the next leg brings.

Tags: Dumb Mistakes


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