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Robi Update - Slab City
Posted On 06/20/2012 14:57:34

I'm still on the planet.  I'm still living Fulltime in my RV.  But for the moment I'm not rolling the wheels.  

 I decided to stay in Slab City to save money and get the frig fixed, the floors redone, do some eclectic artwork, design a new webpage, design some T-shirts, and see if I can learn how to live off-grid in 110 degree heat with no air-conditioner.

OK I cheated yesterday and fired up my generator and had air-conditioning for a couple hours from 4:30-7pm (hottest time).  Let's just say I was testing the gen to see if it still worked.

I have a few clitches.  When turning on both air-conditioners front and back it will trip the switch after a few minutes.  So my friend the electrician found out that if one turns off the charging battery switch, both air conditioners will work off the gen...at least till I decided to turn one of them down and that movement tripped it again.

Need more investigation on that one, but I think I will wait till this afternoon...as that will give me an excuse to turn on the air again!  hehe

Keep up with me on my blogspot blog  http://tumbleweedsandlemonade.blogspot.com


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Posted On 07/15/2011 03:52:10

Yep, I did it!  I got a Southwind 89/90, 33 FEET!

 I laughed and cried at the same time when I brought it home from being serviced on the freeway at the start of traffic.  Music was blasting, of course! hehe.  Only tipped over the stand up fan on one turn, LOL.

Pushing to get all my stuff in the garage by Sun so the landlady can start on the apt and not charge me rent. Pretty much moved in, but still have some plastic bins of stuff to put in and away.

Big problem is finding storage for the extra 8 bins. (Not bad, huh?).  I really did not want to get storage, but could not toss out the memories (and mother's dishes, or my sis would kill me). I only want to pay about $33 a month for very small storage.  I've seen that advertised, but they then say not available but the $70 ones are open, ya right.

Where in the desert can I bury this crap (between San Jose and San Diego).  I've heard people doing that, but can't imagine me digging in the dirt. (although I DO have two dogs that would probably LOVE having permission. what a funny thought).

If I don't post, its cuz I am swamped, but check on my blogspot blog for updates till I get settled and in to a "routine".


bye for now,


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Robi sets a date!
Posted On 05/20/2011 00:57:05

Yep, I'm gonna commit.  August 1st (through the 16th).

I was going to say Sept 1st, but then I thought it will be easier to get out of my lease if I give the landlady time to rent before kids go back to school...so I thought of Aug 16th, then I thought, no wait, people will be looking for stick boxes before then, so why not leave before?...

So I say August 1st,  and if it becomes a little bit of a moving target that is ok, as long as I'm out COMPLETELY by SEPT !ST...that is the ONLY extention I will allow myself.

God help me...I don't have a rig yet (the picture was just a joke...hehe) Have still lots more stredding, and a house full of stuff to get rid of.  And I hate setting up garage sales (hurts my back)  So I am going to call up an estate sale place and what ever is left, they can sell it and I don't care what I get...

as long as I get out!

WOW...scared shitless...and excited...I'll be looking for a B+ or C...bed in back, cheap or creative financing...if ya hear anyone wanting to get out of their rig, please give them this email address tikopico@aol.com.spam (take off dot spam part).  OH and I can give my phone number once I have first contact by email.

Yipeee!  I can hardly believe I made this decision.  I did it, its a done deal! 

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Prep to join the Full-timers
Posted On 04/26/2011 21:59:49

Made the decision!

Hello community...I'm planning on joining you on the road!  It will take some time for me to prep and learn most of what I need to know to get started (I realize that the education will continue on the road).

The first step I made was to DECIDE!  The next step will be to learn how to politely say "LEAVE ME ALONE" to the naysayers, the "family" "friends" and ? when they find out what I'm planning. Hard to hide weekly garage sales, huh?  Heehee.

It will be challenging as I am a 54 year old single woman with two dogs and a cat and will most likely be doing this alone.  But that is part of the appeal.  Can I do this alone...yes, I can.  I was a Flight Attendant for 20 years and often found myself alone in cities all over the world due to other FA's not wanting to go out and explore, or I was an "extra" crew member that the company decided to stick in a hotel alone.

My son is 21 and going to local college.  He is sick of living at home.  I'm sick of living at home, hehe. I live in Silicon Valley and it is expensive.  I live off meager disability (injury from my job) and a little retirement. (I say little because I elected to start drawing it early so we could live in this god-forsaken inflated community.  So when he moves down to San Diego, I'm outta here.

What do I do with all this junk?  Yipee!  I can't wait to get rid of it. After losing all my Real Estate Investments in the bust, I thought, how low can I go.  Then I learned to "let go" and can see hope, beauty, and new country-wide friendships in the future, rather than living amonst the "walking-stunned".

I want freedom!  I want to reach inside of me and pull out the joy I used to have. One year ago, on April 1st, my brother committed suicide. That event disconnected me from life. I felt like I did not want to bother manage through this gunky world. I went back to college, studied Philosophy, trying to figure out the "why". I can only make assumptions about his choice.  I cannot do anything about it. I CAN do something about MY life.

That something is called LIVING.  Time to move, be on the move, contemplate, reach out to others in my travels, look for joy, read, think... silence.  A field here and there where my dogs can run free.

A road...where I can BE free.

Stop by and say hello! 

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