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Need A Great Reason To Stay Longer After the Rally? FOTC!
Posted On 01/31/2009 17:34:32
We have a great reason to head to the Hill Country a little early, how bout a great reason to stay a little longer?

Flight of the Conchords: 2009 Spring US Tour
5/7/09 Austin, TX Bass Concert Hall

I know! You have been waiting for this for a long time. You read that correctly - Flight of the Conchords are doing a Spring 2009 tour, and stopping in Austin on May 7. Since the Hill Country is beautiful in the spring, why not hang out a bit at the nice (and cheap) RV parks in that area?

I am sure it is hard to contain all of your excitement about this, so to see the list and pre-sale information, check out the Flight of the Conchords Facebook fan page. From the site:

    Tickets go on sale to the public on Friday & Saturday, February 6th and 7th, but as a very special Flight of the Conchords fan you have access to the exclusive pre-sale beginning this Monday, February 2nd at 10 AM.

    Just find the link to your city's venue, or follow the asterisk to the link below, and enter the password "sugalumps."
So far, we have: Early arrival for Flogging Molly = Good Times, Rally with great peeps = Good Times, After Party in May with FOTC = Good Times. The sum of the parts looks like a great freakin time!!

See you there -

Nu '09

On The Road to Austin, Watch For....What?
Posted On 01/29/2009 07:30:49
Just a friendly warning from the NuRVers Party Planning Committee: when you are on the road to the Rally, and are passing through Austin, be warned. You may encounter zombies.

I am not sure if these are the kind that will walk out in front of your RV and say "brains... I need brains...".

For more details, check out this Fox News story. I don't make this stuff up, just warn my people.

--Nu '09

Hey Cupcake!
Posted On 01/25/2009 20:19:00
Doesn't this look like a great field trip?? Not only do they serve yummness, but out of an old Airstream!

Have you been? Hey Cupcake! in Austin

Nu '09

Best Reason to Get To Texas Early
Posted On 01/13/2009 22:02:20

Need a GREAT reason to get to the Hill Country early for the rally? Search no more - Flogging Molly will be playing Stubbs the weekend before the rally! Stubb's Bar-B-Q is one of Austin's hottest concert venues. And Flogging Molly - AWESOME! Kev & Ang saw them in San Jose and they put on a killer show.

More info on the show and tickets here.

Tags: Rally Texas Goodtimes

Its Coming...
Posted On 01/13/2009 21:11:41

Hey Rally-Go-ers!

The NuRVers Rally of 2009 is shaping up to be a great event! The Party Planning Committee has been working hard at finishing up the final details on this very unique gathering of fun, adventurous, and slightly odd souls!

The details are found on the NuRVers website - check out this page for the latest information. The Registration Form is located at the bottom of the page, as well as information on how you can help out, even if you will not be able to attend.

Look for the Rally forum post and be sure to ask any question you might have about the Gathering. I am a new member here on the site, and this user account will be used to communicate the latest happenings, as well as for posting pictures to show everyone that didn't attend what a great time we had!. The latest info will be posted here, as well as the News section, so be sure to make me a friend!

We are all looking forward to meeting new friends and having a great time in the Hill Country of Texas for our first rally. Hope to see you there!

Tags: Rally Texas Goodtimes

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