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Burnin Man.....UMMM FILL ME IN
Posted On 06/03/2010 00:46:57
Okay ..........so about 10 people in the last 2 days asked me if I was going to something called BURNING MAN! Ummmm I have no idea what it is, when it is or where it is! ///////I LIE/////// let me say I know its in the DESERT somewhere!?! So my trusty HIP ubber kewl NU RVERS Please fill me in on the who, what, why, when and where of it all!! I appreciate it...... truly! Love is...TL

Tags: Buring Man

Only Free Dollars!
Posted On 05/21/2010 18:48:25
We LOVE free so check out this blog post for free days at National Parks.. http://thefreebieblogger.com/free-national-park-admission-2/ And who know my bday 9-25 was a parks holiday! ENJOY FREE DOLLARS!Love is.... TL

Tags: Free Parks Camping Get There

Yes this counts
Posted On 05/18/2010 23:35:15
So the past five days or so I got out there. NO......I don't have my 1972 Travco yet but I do own a backpack, tent and a sleeping bag. I've been going to stateparks and checking out the area. Friday was great.... nice weather and NO crowd. Saturday I had my daughter it got to cold for her so we end up stay with a friend who lived about 15 mins way from the park and Sunday we went sailing. *Everyone should go sail at least once it mirrors life so much!*I've won free passes and an overnight stay at a camping community in Va. All cause I keep putting it out there RVING is what I want to do fulltime. I don't know how many times I can say this ....UMMMMM..... I AM READY!Honestly I've done so much more in my everyday life since I decided to live it my own way. Sometimes that means I have no idea what the heck Imma do besides going with the flow. The flow can feel so wonderful sometimes, ya know what I mean?!Okay one mo time...... I AM READY! Love is.... TL

Tags: Getting Out There

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda & YET I WILL!
Posted On 05/12/2010 20:02:28
Yep... I did it! I listened to all those folx about 6 years ago who said *and I quote them as saying so " Gurl you make too, yes way too much money to live in some trailer on wheels!" Ummmm and I listened to my momma when she said *and I again do quote " Tami you got a great life and a smart child buy that townhouse while the getting is good!" Exactly 4 years ago. So who am I listening to now that the company I workED for went bankrupt, I lost my house and my 401K is gone. UMMMMM *and I quote "Me, MYSELF and I" So here I am @ the biggest turning point in my adult life...Bigger then giving birth, getting married and getting Divorced....and I'm jumping or at least raising my right foot off the ground. Peace all My Name is Tamika LaShelle and I researched RVin about 7 years ago, made the commitment to buy one so I can live on the road. Dreams, the real ones embedded deep in your soul while fueling your spirit, come true with OR without your help.My desire is To become a full time NU Rver *ps...I love saying Nu Rver so watch out for it* To OWN a 1972 Travco with an xtra cargo trailer attached.To see every inch *yes I dream big* of North and South AmericaStep one.....Get the fundsMost Travco's are around $2500 to $6000Step two....UMMMMM.... Travel! So Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda and everone else can head where there is no sun but plenty of fire! Please bring a glass of ice cold water and a some dry ice. No need to suffer anymore then necessary. I declare as of right now.....I will, I will, I will and yet I will! Love is.... TL. *TheLyte.blogspot.com*

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