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More electrical thinking
Posted On 08/27/2010 08:53:01

My boss is an electrical engineer, if you actually look at his degree from UNT, even though he hasn't worked in one in a very long time. He's volunteered to help me with the camper (actually, he said he would do it, because he was afraid of me setting myself, the camper, or something else on fire and/or electrocuting myself, and then he would have to do the weekly maintenance on our servers himself.) Anyway, so theoretically, I probably don't NEED to learn how all this works - but I might need to repair it, and I feel like I really OUGHT to know. 

Some links I've found useful: 



More on my plans for the actual system tomorrow.

Tags: Electric Rebuild

Floor Planning
Posted On 08/26/2010 08:12:30

 Final floorplanThis is the (not to scale) floorplan that I've settled on for the camper. The blue is bare floor and the arrows represent doors. On the left, there is a counter, which will have roll-out Elfa storage units (or knock-offs, in all likelihood) with curtains on the front. Rather than build in a stove, icebox, and sink, I'm going to make a drawer for my cooler and store a small propane stove in the storage unit that can be placed on the counter (or more likely, outside the camper) for cooking. I really *am* perfectly happy with a summer of mostly samwiches and grilled foods- being able to cook inside the camper is not a high priority for me for MOST of the time. The closet, on the lower left MAY end up containing a camping toilet , but I'm kind of dubious about that. It's big enough, barely, but it's miserably small and claustrophobic, and I just can't imagine using it except in a real pinch. It's definitely not big enough for even a wet bath, even if I *could* water seal it that well. I think it may be more useful as storage, frankly. I'm also considering ripping it out entirely, or turning it into shelves and opening the top up to become a housing for an entertainment center.

On the right, the dinette will have a single-sized bed at the back and a freestanding table that can be used to convert the single into a double. Above this (not pictured) will be a shelf for storage that can double as a bunk for someone smallish or light. 

 Electric-wise, I'm planning to put batteries underneath the door-side bench- it doesn't have an opening right now, but it will soon. :) I'm currently researching solar- it'd be awfully cool to be able to boondock with solar for charging up my batteries, at least some. The power needs on here are going to be fairly modest- the a/c only works on shore power, and while I *may* put a microwave in, it'll be in the same situation. All the battery will really run is some reading lights and my laptop and/or entertainment center. (Which may well BE laptop-based but I think I want a separate one.) 

On the less thinky and more fun side of things, I've got my design scheme in mind. I'm going to panel the walls with knotty pine panelling and the floor is going to be vinyl tile (leaning towards the Armstrong Excelon product from Lowes, which comes in a lot of fun colors). 

Still melting
Posted On 08/25/2010 15:38:17

Still melting here in Texas, although this morning it's actually not too bad. I'd be out there working if it'd stop raining!

I'm going to lose most of the fall to surgery and recovery, it looks like, which sucks, but my back will be MUCH happier about this in the long run and there's never going to be a good time for it. 

My goal at this point is to have this thing campable by January or so and FINISHED by May. Next summer, I'm planning to 'part time' and do a 2-3 month stint camphosting and volunteering up in the Pacific Northwest- I'm working on my applications right now. :) 

Tags: Planning

My "Little Dream" arrives today!
Posted On 08/02/2010 06:57:48

Went to bed early and woke up about an hour ago too excited to go back to sleep just yet. I'm picking up my first RV today!

 She's a 10' vintage mystery camper (possibly a Winnebago from 1961-65; possibly a MidJet from the late 50s) that's going to need a lot of work to make really livable, but which will be a great part-timing vehicle for me. She's light enough to tow with my little Pontiac Vibe, and is basically a 'blank slate. 

She's not going to be a full-timing rig, unless something radically changes in my life (and hey, that could happen!) . But she's going to be used for part-timing, and recreational trips, until I *can* full time. 

Her name is (at least for now, I do reserve the right to change it later if she doesn't like it) the Little Dream. Pictures are available on my main blog, and the restoration progress will be posted over there and over here. :) 


Tags: "canned Ham" Vintage Restoration

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