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Buzz Kill
Posted On 05/23/2010 00:38:46

Well, It almost happened. We've spent the last 6 weeks prepping to hit the road in July. Now, Love has had a change of heart and want to stay until at least Feb of 2011. Not too bad , right? Except she wants to stay to buy a house ;oP Can't afford to do both. So heres to preying we DON'T buy a house, and maybe she'll get laid off. And then I can still live this life I want... wow, i'm bummed

work continues
Posted On 05/21/2010 14:25:33
MY lovely lover decided to surprise me by laying new flooring in the trailer. While it is beautiful (*LOVE* the laminate woods flooring that comes in 'planks', looks friggin great and is suuper light), she did so prior to painting. Now i'm paranoid i'm going to ruin the floor, but heres hoping for hte best, right?? Got free paint from freecycle, so  saved some money there AND it matches the curtains the people already had in the trailer. Seems a funky country kind of theme is unfurling before be. Country oak floors, yellow walls, pale green cabinets and red ginghma curtains. Cute, cute CUTE!!!

Meanderers Musings
Posted On 05/07/2010 18:48:36
On The Mark! Get Set! GO!!!!!!

6 weeks and counting down until my family embarks on a most exciting adventure of an RV life. My partner and I lived in an RV before, a small Commander Motorhome. It was te best time of our lives! We were both employed and together only made about $3000 a month but are expenses were very low. Now, 2 kids and 3 dogs later, we're ready to do it again. Very Excited! We bought a small cabin in the desert to land on when we're finished (if we finish). We got an amaing deal on our 5th wheel. the wiring is all cool, the floor in freat condition. The roof has already been repaired, new tires, current registration. All we need to do is remove the old ceiling, put in a new one and decorate. Woo Hoo!!!

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