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Slab City NuYear's Eve 2012
Posted On 01/27/2012 15:35:50

QUARTZSITE...final recap
Posted On 02/08/2011 16:31:54

4 Weeks Boondocking - CHECK!!

 We did it! And what an experience, totally heightened by hangin' with the NuRVers for sure.
Above are some pics of our NU friends we hung with during the month at Quartzsite...
Kev & Angie: our fearless organizers, Kev started the NuRVers & got us all together, but they both were incredible hosts to all of us - amazing meals, hunker-down time in their 40', 4 slide motorhome & all around good fun (also burners)
Sam & Tracy: tie-dyed from head to foot at times, these crazy, fun-loving burners also entertained us in their 40' rig & they had the fabulous grills that they cooked extraordinary meals on for us
Schelby & Tom: bay area folks, not full-timers but long-time burners, joined us for NY'ers eve & brought some fabulous appies with them & a NY'ers cake!! 
Maria and Brian: a cute young couple who just started full-timing from Kansas dropped in for the night and then returned a week later to spend a couple of weeks with us. We met up with them & Sam & Tracy post Q for a great sushi dinner in Scottsdale & we are planning a golf outing with them on Friday
Alex & Charon: our "Carney" friends who are sword swallowers, fire throwers & Charon is also tatto artist
Jim & Renee: joined us at the end, long-time full-timers who have a great blog Live.Work.Dream
And of course all of the pets!  Malomar, Dottie, Odie, Ernie, Buddha, 3 legged Wyatt & the two very freaky hairless cats that were amaaaaazing!! I think we were the only ones without one, but that was fine by us...
We went out for meals, drinks, enjoyed the daily sunsets - which sometimes were 360 degrees, biked into "town", shopped, played drunken silly games and just thoroughly enjoyed each & every day!

Some pics above of our amazing happy hours, breakfasts & dinners...totally unplanned. Kev called them "crowd-sourcing", I call them YUMMY! About 4-5 pm each day someone would stroll outside to start the fire, or bring out appies or drinks...and one by one, as we were finishing up our work day, we would slowly join the group around the campfire & start to discuss meals....and then miraculously we would have another feast!  Occasionally one of us would announce, we have dinner taken care of - woo hoo!! Some mornings, usually weekends, Sam would be outside with his awesome fire-pit grill cooking up a breakfast that would take over an hour to eat, Maria cooked us up a great egg scramble TWICE & then there was the morning that Angie, our brunch angel, arrived at our door with the most wonderful eggs benedict por deux!
A couple of pics of our fun...most of the time the camera/phone was nowhere in sight! We hared a mini-hash just to show everyone what we were constantly talking about, Bill & I went on a few hikes & it was my first real experience with the desert landscape, one day it was actually nice enough for some to set up work-stations outside under our canopy. On a trip into Blythe, CA - just over the border Bill spotted an AECOM sign (his firm) & found out they had a little field office there in a building with an old furniture store!

More pics of our fun - the BIG RV TENT SHOW, bringing a million rvers (or so they say), the entire town is one big flea market & strolling from tent to tent was a favorite past-time...I was happy to finally get a big flag pole to fly our hash flag on with a cool solar color changing light on top & Bill finally got the Mexican wrestling mask he had been coveting! The Beer Belly Bar was the only place at the Show to buy beer & they also had a bunch of TV's so Maria & Brian could follow their fav Kansas basketball team. 

 We went primarily to meet the peeps I have been online with for 6 months or so but also to save some $$...now we accomplished the first objective, but let's take a look at the 2nd...
$200  Gas to keep our generator going (electricity)
$  80   BLM camping fees for 4 weeks
$  65   Propane (for the fridge, hot water & heater)
$600  Groceries & Booze
$200  Dining out
$1145 - compared to....about $1500/mo for campground fees, food & entertainment, so aside from the $400 we spent on the catalytic heater (which we will use all of the time as it is more efficient than our furnace) we did save a few bucks & we ate like kings.  This is one experience than can never be duplicated!
THANKS to all of you who joined us on this "wild ride"!!

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Boondocking Prep for a Month???!
Posted On 12/27/2010 18:54:24

Boondocking Prep for a Month???!

Yes, it's true, we are going to "Attempt", with a capital "A" an entire month of boondocking in the desert with NO facilities....now, being the "civilized" folks that we are (and you can read that anyway you want!) we plan to partake of some of the services offered out there like the "Honey Truck" that comes by every now and again (WE HOPE) to empty our black water tank - that would be "poopy tank" to you non-RV'ers out there and also to have our propane tanks refilled by the trucks that come to you.  We purchased  a 25 gallon "Blue Boy" to empty our gray water (from the sinks & shower) into. This tank fills up very quickly but we hope to use our "Burning Man" techniques to slow it down a bit. Most likely we will need to empty this every other day or so. This thing is HUGE & you hook it up to your tow hitch on your car and drive verrryyy slowwwly to the dump station, it came with cheap rubber wheels, which Bill replaced with pneumatic tires (he is so very HANDY!). All of this will be easier than packing up Bebe and driving her over to the refill stations that are available out there every few days, because we like to set up our "home" and feel somewhat permanent!

For Christmukkah we each got several gifts to help us with this journey - Bill got a "French Press" (which our friend Pix turned us onto!). We just tried this morning to use it for the first time & it would've helped if I was not still in recovery mode from the sleeping pill I took last night! As I added 3 scoops of coffee and then filled the water to just under the "4" line on the measuring cup - MEANING 4 ozs not 4 cups, DINGBAT, Bil kept saying you need more water & I sat there with a quizzical look on my face saying over and over, but I filled it just under the 4!! OMG, the bleach has definintely gone beyond just the roots in my hair!

 Let's see we also got a battery inverter, to hook up to our generator charged batteries, so we can have some electrical power for our computers & such when we aren't running the generator. We PLAN to run the "genie" in the morning and dinner time for an hour or two & work off the batteries the rest of the time. We can plug a power strip into the inverter to use our electrical stuff.  Unfortunately the inverter I ordered did not come with the cables for the inverter so we spent yesterday with "the boy"
looking for cables that would work. Today Bill gets to fiddle around with that and hopefully it'll all be good!

Also amongst our gifts were various and sundry solar lights & power chargers - one for our cell phones & a cute little computer flexi light that fits into the USB port....

So here we go...wish us luck & good weather, we could use a lot of each!!

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Our first Military Base Campground
Posted On 11/11/2010 05:13:07

Our first Military Base Campground!

We spent a week at Camp Pendleton's Del Mar Beach campground in Oceanside, CA and it was fantastic! Didn't hurt that there were record high temps in November where it hit the 90's but with the cool ocean breeze we were perfectly comfortable! Bill had a conference at the La Costa Resort in Carlsbad and the campground was an easy 15 minute drive. Gretchen and Peter, our Tahoe friends, were also at the conference and we had them over one night for a BBQ. It was so nice having an evening with friends! Bill was home in time to enjoy the
 beautiful sunset and some time on the beach most days. Wednesday the conference arranged a pub-crawl of the downtown Gas-Lamp quarter and we were shuttled down there in a beautiful limo for 20+. We hit a lot of the roof-top bars and had a lot of fun. 

Friday night I got to meet Bill's good friends, Scott & Jean. Bill was at the Air Force Academy with Scott, crewed for him on a few of his 100-miler's and also ran quite a few of the Tahoe relays with him as well. It was great to meet these people I have been hearing about for years! They have a lovely home with a beautiful gas fire-pit on their deck where we enjoyed the evening after a Mexican dinner at a local restaurant. It is truly one of the best things about this life-style that we get to meet up with old friends that have moved away.  Sunday night we went for dinner at Marni & Marshall's house - Marni is a good friend of mine I met in 2005 in Walnut Creek. They moved away a couple of year's later to Modesto - where I visited a couple of times and 2 years ago they moved to San Diego. I also had lunch with Marni the first day we got here. It was wonderful seeing her and Marshall and their daughter, Hilary. They have a beautiful home and we had a great visit!

Life on a military base is definitely not dull! I woke each morning to the young Marines running up and down the beach in front of our RV and each afternoon the armored personnel carriers (I thought they were tanks - well, they looked like tanks to me!) rolled by!  We had fun shopping in the MCX (Marine Corps Exchange) and finally found the portable gas grill with a stand I'd been looking for. 

We went for a couple of long walks on the beach, but other than that I have gotten NO exercise - we found out from Bill's friend's Scott & Jean, at the end of our stay, that there was a great gym on base, walking distance from the beach, which I finally found on our last day there - have to check that out next time! 

Here's a pic of all of the RV's parked on the beach BEFORE the weekend:
Most of the San Diego beach campgrounds are $60-$90/night and we stayed here for $35 - it was a great deal and a beautiful beach...the only complaint I had were the public bathrooms & showers, which Bill likes to use, but he found them adequate, so I really can't complain! We will be back!!

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hashing and hot springs.......
Posted On 10/24/2010 18:27:21

hashing and hot springs.......

Well, this is what it is supposed to be about - and am sooo happy we are making it happen!  Went to the Las Vegas hash last Saturday and was thrilled that they love the hills and shiggy as much as we do - was definitely an "XS trail" and we were almost DFL (dead f'ing last) but not quite! Bill made some yummy salsa & we got to see 2 namings - it was worth the 3 hour round trip drive, especially because we will see all these wankers again soon at the Las Vegas Red Dress Run at the end of the month!
This Saturday we had to choose between going back to LV for another hash OR to Death Valley for the hot springs...and luckily for us we made the right choice - Tecopa Hot Springs here we go! The ride was a short 30 minutes of desolate desert (maybe that's redundant!), sparse and beautiful...checked out the little town of Shoshone where we would return later and headed into Tecopa where we had quite a few choices as to where to go. Ended up at the Tecopa Hot Springs Resort where for $8 you can go into a little private indoor hot springs pool...this was ok, the water was a nice temp but for ambiance...forget it. We sat outside and read, then went to find the Labyrinth - this was cool, we left an offering and made a hash true trail arrow - 
went back for another dip in the spring and then to check out the much touted Pastels Bistro - well, in the middle of nowhere sits the most fabulous place to catch a bite or a meal...the food was special and everyone there like a little family. We noticed ads for a play that evening & they were finishing up the construction of an outdoor playhouse while we were there...made a note of the time and thought, maybe, just maybe we'd come back. Headed into Shoshone to check out a bar I had read about & inquire about the big hot spring pool at the Shoshone Inn. The "Crow Bar" was great, had an amazing drink the new bartender made up called the "Red Headed StepSister" YUMMY!! Vodka, cranberry juice, sweet 'n sour & a splash of soda - had two!! The Shoshone Inn's pool was just for guests of the motel (rundown joint for $85) or the RV park - the girl at the desk told us to go check out the mud pools on BLM land and gave us directions so off we went! Fabulous - is all I can say, sooo happy our travels led us there, we had read about it in our "book" but Bill wasn't that keen on going and sitting in mud, BUT it's just a muddy bottom we found out! It's a very short walk from the road and we took our chairs & some beers to watch the sunset. Met another couple there who were camping overnight and after I slipped in the mud we made our way into the
the springs - actually one big one that winds down the valley in the reeds, quite magical and it starts at 118 and cools down to about 107 (where we were!) I think this my favorite hot springs so far, why do I keep saying that?!
The sunset was beautiful, the birds getting their dinner & squawking away...just what we were looking for...
....Bill took some great pics!
Back to Shoshone to buy a bottle of wine for the play which was one of those audience participation melo-drama's - we had our chairs, out under the night sky with a bottle of very bad wine and we couldn't have been happier........

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Pahrump is a Dump, but Nevada Treasure is a pleasure!
Posted On 10/06/2010 15:09:28

Spencer Hot Springs outside of Austin, NV is amazing...treacherous getting our 35' MH down the 7 mile gravel, ungraded road, but we did it and yes, it was worth it! Very secluded & just a few other people camping there. You can adjust the temp of the hot springs which we needed to do & we watched the sunset listening to the braying of the wild donkeys & again at sunrise, it was beautiful!

Then on to Pahrump, NV! I had seen this campground/resort online & couldn't resist checking it out. I knew the town was a dump but thought we'd give it a try. We are about 5 miles outside of the town & other than a Walmart & the world's ONLY brothel museum there ain't much here! But this resort is like a country club! We got bumped up to the best spot in the joint & the lots are beautifully landscaped & spacious. Very few people are here. There is a big gym & locker room where we can keep our stuff for the month, showers, sauna, steam, indoor & outdoor jacuzzi's, two pools, a little bar & grill & a bowling alley! The best, though, is our little slice of heaven. Bill's office space is in this little gazebo & he's spent the last two days working there, it's great & the price is right!

 Mr. Bill's chill office space

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New Millenicom Mifi
Posted On 09/20/2010 19:23:10

A big thanks to Technomadia for the Millenicom link...we have been using a Verizon, $50 no contract 5G limit Mifi for the last two months & it was pretty impossible to stay under the 5G limit, especially when both of us wanted to use it. But I purchased a Sprint Mifi on ebay & signed up for the Millenicom BYOD program of $70 no contract 10G+ limit and am buzzing on the internet. Even though Sprint has no service up here in Tahoe I am enjoying a super fast connection. Fricken' Tengo was making us CRAZY!

THANKS for the help - diggin' the NuRVers & we can't wait for Quartzite! 

Any help for going solar would be much appreciated! 

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lessons learned......
Posted On 09/07/2010 16:19:30
...there are soooo many of them! Thank goodness for all of the great advice out there, I sincerely don't know how we could do any of this without it! It's been quite chilly in the morning lately here in Tahoe - down to 30 degrees! So we've taken to turning on the heater for a bit just to take the chill off ....had no clue what we were doing to our propane consumption until something prompted me to ask Bill how our tank was and low and behold we were on "E"!!!!!!! This was on Saturday & Labor Day Weekend...tried to call around to some propane companies up here and of course, everyone was closed, called the campground office and guess what - the propane delivery peeps came FRIDAY! We could pack up the whole rv and take it to a tank to fill up but OMG that is quite a process...so we decided to just stop using the heater and hot water & ride it out until we could deal with it this week....we've been showering at the campground facilities but washing up & doing the dishes with cold water. On the RV.net forums this morning I saw some chatter about whether or not to heat your water with propane or electricity as some RVs have both - when I asked Bill about this he checked ours and GUESS WHAT?! WE HAVE BOTH TOO and immediately switched it to electricity - woo hoo - hot water!!!!!!!!  gotta laugh..........

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