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Wut?! Thus phing moooves?! Thank God. I phought it was me.

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52 years old
Wow. Long story.., California
United States

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World travelling...India, Mexico, Canada, France, Paris, The netherlands, Japan for a minute, Malaysia for two days... Love it all. I am easily adventured.... I love nature. All of it. Extremely. I don't need a rope or to jump out of a plane to see it (no judgement of those who do)....I'm actually the kind of a guy who can watch the arc of a frisbee and feel contentment...

yes... and strangely, i seem to recognize a couple people in here, but from the wire-road...my life has taken on an Alice and Wonderland quality that makes planning for tea quite bothersome...or was it coffee? See? Bother.

Commodore 128? Texas Instruments Speaking Dictionary?, My first Yellow cassette player that I signed before I could write that I took Everywhere? Or the early apple with the wood box? I didn't own one, but it Looked like Rock and Roll...Or seeing the rocket launch when MTV was borne?! Tron?

I am a technophile. I like technology. People's technology likes me, I have always translated technology to people who own it. I speak robot- not as a programmer, I like the way robots interact with us, I watch them. What if the urinals worldwide woke up? That is a rights issue. Wow. I find nature in technology. Like the respectful way to open a CD case.... Phones, cameras, computers, and that really weird thing with one button and a screen (not that silly)...this is how I have related with people my whole life. Through technology. And music. And art...always in random order...

So now? NetFlix, Hulu, major breakthroughs in useful technology and repurposing hardware (they are Brilliantante"!!), about to be itunes, any technology remotely connected with itunes. cloud computing turned into cloud applications drifting through the iPhone, iPod, my laptop... LOVE THAT. I utilize programs the way I get along with them best. I usually find the limitations of technology within hours and Love that too.

I think technology is like a zen poem in 3d saying, "If we get assistance, it can be in some ways, yet not all..." So that technology has to have limitations. It is from the limitations and my love of the things that work that I build a human framework around all the technology that weaves around me...I interact, in my mind, with the designers and engineers and their intention for any given object. It gives me a human experience.

I will strangely enough be remembered, in a small way, for being one of the first humans to propose that artificial life needs to have legislated rights. I am that into technology. I feel better telling you this. Thank you. ~stefan


I am like a Sasquatch with really good manners, a penchant for cleaning and organizing. who likes to do dishes, and make lace armor that looks like Japanese Victorian American street fashion. I am idiosyncratic and apparently quite odd...I am also told it suits me. People have taken to calling me a mad genius, which is odd because it is phrased as a compliment. My life is the punchline without the joke....


My semi official bio from my blog:
Stefan Daniel Bell
A Life Lived through Music, Art, and Fashion
~human designation x, The Japanese Victorian Sasquatch...

"I am what you see of yourself, in me..."

"my medium is your emotions..."

Biography of : performer, live artist, musician, artist, fashion designer known for his classical compositions incorporating pop, electronica, lounge, punk, rock, hard rock, glam, grunge, indie, mod, guitar, heavy metal, custom, jazz, acid jazz, experimental, acapela, vocal, & soundtrack genres.

His work as a futuristic Japanese Victorian couture art clothing and sculpture designer and maker started getting critical response in 2004.

His drawings, paintings, and fine art work started getting national attention in 2003 with his show "Transformation Through Art," which led to a 5 month solo show at The Episcopal Diocesan Center of Los Angeles over 2500 square feet in five areas; he received the public blessing of Bishop Jon Bruno for his lifelong commitment to a life lived though art.

"i am a mystery to myself most of all. i watch the movie of my life in my head and most of the time i have no idea what is about to happen." ~x

Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR | Publicity Contact | contact@arielpublicity.com | @cyberpr | http://www.arielpublicity.com

Music...Mostly listening to Radiohead, Bjork, Radiohead right now, and a Lot of 70's disco for some reason... I will put more later...

nature good
scary bad

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11/05/2010 21:14:40

Hi!! Welcome to NuRVers - happy you found us!


11/05/2010 19:20:03
Thanks! It's great to hear that you've found our website to be so helpful. If you have any ideas about how to improve the site, please let us know. - Nicole, RV Parking.com's Community Specialist, (nicole at rvparking dot com)

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