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Well, we finally see a date closer to hittin' the road!!

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70 years old
Blountstown, Florida
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We are tired of living our lives keeping up a large home and being "too close" to family!! We have been full-timers once but thought it would be best to settle back in Florida. Well....NO! I think once you have been a gypsy it is in your blood. We miss the freedom and the adventure That we had while in our RV. We have had the 5 years of keeping a home, yard, garden, etc. We long for the open road!!

Too many to name!

Computers, of course! We even love our WII. That is how we bowl right now..!! Hey, we have a lot to learn. Give us a chance!


Happy lady with great hubby! We finally have a buyer for our home and have our RV picked out. Hubby goes to get it around first week in June. We have four adult sons and their wives, nine grandchildren and two cats, Tehya and Smokey. We will be escaping only with the two cats very soon...LOL We are Floridians that want to escape Florida. We might visit our sons in the Winter...but need to spend some time living our lives a bit selfishly for awhile! Hey, we took care of the kids and now we need to take care of ourselves! We look forward to meeting others on here.

Photography, scrapbooking, genealogy, healthy eating, and travel!

That will have to wait!

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01/03/2012 00:10:12

 We are working on that too. Hoping it's sooner than spring to be in our RV. We can stay here and try it out before we hit the road and go north in the summer:)



tehyasmom wrote:
Hi Noob, New here and trying to learn my way around. We plan on hittin' the road by Spring!  Tehyasmom

01/02/2012 23:43:23

tehyasmom wrote:
Hi...plan on heading to Texas just as we head out. We will look you up!!

When you call, remind Michael or I that you're a NuRVer!  We typically knock a little off the price.  :)

01/02/2012 21:45:08

tehyasmom wrote:
Hi, I am new and trying to get to know people and my way around this site. Love you name..!


LOL...thanks.  It's an old band that I was a member of. 

01/02/2012 20:37:54

Welcome to NuRVers! Happy you found us!


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