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I am a modern Renaissance woman -- full-time RVer, professional organizer, photographer, simplicity coach, blogger, traveler, child-free, freelance writer, speaker, and all-around cool chick. Visit my website at http://www.RamonaCreel.com for my more information about services, lifestyle, musings, and pics.

my site -- http://www.RamonaCreel.com

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Matt and I are full-time RVers -- and that confuses a lot of people, because they assume that anyone who has the freedom to travel year-round must be over 65, retired, and wealthy. We were both 37 when we sold the house and said goodbye to stationary life -- this makes us some of the youngest people in just about about any RV park we visit! And you only have to be rich to travel if you travel expensively -- the RV lifestyle is very, very affordable. We both work on the road, doing all kinds of "freelance" activities -- from photography and writing to organizing and simplicity coaching to graphic art and web programming. But they are all professions that don't require a typical 9 to 5 office environment.

Folks always ask when we're planning to go back "home" -- imagining that this is just some kind of extended vacation. What they don't seem to understand is that our Airstream is home. We are not camping, we are living our lives. We sold the house and have no place to go "back" to -- and this is by design. Matt and I are not just traveling for a year or 5 or 10 -- we plan to do this indefinitely. And once we're bored with the U.S. and Canada (which is going to take a while), we intend to pack our little tin can onto a container ship and send it overseas -- so we can do the same thing throughout Europe, Australia, Africa, India, etc.

Once all that is clear, the response seems to be pretty evenly divided between awe ("oh-my-gosh-we-would-love-to-do-that-too-when-we-retire") and incredulity ("wow-I-could-never-live-that-way"). Most people think we're brave (we're not really), some think we're nuts (it's possible, but that's never stopped us before) -- but our brand of living seems to intrigue those who are tied to a house and a job, and nearly all want to hear more about it. Visit my website at http://www.RamonaCreel.com and read our tales of hitting the road...

being debt-free, house-free, and time-free enough that we can travel the country year-round

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06/28/2010 23:47:01

Hello fellow Airstream owner. I haven't hit the road yet but my husband and I are baking on the fact that we, too, will be the youngest people at the RV parks. We plan to be out for a while (how long I don't know). I'm hoping to connect with some peers along the way.

I'm off to check out your websites.

03/31/2010 01:14:20

ramonacreel wrote:

We don't entirely live off grid..  just routinely.  If we're putting down the levels for more than a few weeks, we like to hook-ups  But we can make our 38 gallons of freshwater, 18 g of black and 38 g of grey last us more than 2 weeks when needed.  It's pretty simple to minimize your water usage when you need to. 

Technomadia wrote:

Welcome to a place where you're amongst peers :)   


Why thank you! It's so unusual (as I was just thinking to myself as I went for a bike ride this AM and passed by the building where all the old ladies are doing a "walking tape" instead of heading outside and really getting the old blood pumping!) Ah, me...


I want very much to hear the whole story of your living entirely off the grid -- Matt and I are still fairly attached to hookups because we like to park in one spot for several weeks or a month at a time (and even with conservative water usage, you're going to need to dump about once a week or so -- isn't that a pain to have to pack up and drive off to find a dump station?) Do tell!

02/25/2010 19:18:31
Welcome to a place where you're amongst peers :)   

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