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Have you ever been gladed?
Posted On 03/15/2010 17:39:58 by TheMrs
If you’ve ever just wanted to disappear, get in touch with nature, not be reminded of daily hassles such as your Cell phone, TV, Internet and GPS then the Everglades in Florida are right for you! It’s an escape well worth taking. We camped there for 8 days and then I was gladed! Plan your trip well. Know every gas station, because they are few and far between. Stock your supplies as if you were going away for a long time. You’ll be glad you did when you find yourse... Read More

RVing for the Memories
Posted On 10/27/2009 18:34:16 by JenRusRV
The first rv trip I ever took was in a rented rv with a group of friends.  We were going to a football game ninteen hours away and wanted to travel in the lap of luxury.  We rented a Class A motorhome from a reputable rv sales place and started off...and oh boy was the trip memorable.  Between the driver who never wanted to stop the rv under any circumstance except for to get gas to the luggage compartment door coming open in the middle of the night, in the middle of Texas, and th... Read More

RV Easy Bean Soup
Posted On 03/25/2009 18:02:36 by wwaddell
Kathy and I found this really great Zesty Bean Soup Recipe,

It's easy to make and the recipe is great for RVs as it's really sized just right for two with little, if any, leftovers.

Give it a try... we know you'll like it.

It’s also really quick, no all day cooking for this one, so you can even make it for dinner tonight if you want. ———————————————————————   Zesty Bean Soup   1 TBSP olive oil 1 medium chopped onion 3 cups chicken broth 3 cups water 1 15oz can gre... Read More

New Full Time Motorhome - Hello
Posted On 02/23/2009 22:29:26 by wwaddell
Hi fellow RVrs,

Just set up my account and page.  Been twittering with Nurvers for a few weeks now and loved a lot of what he had to say.  Just had to stop by and set up my own page too.

We just got back from our first long trip (4 weeks) to Laughlin and Las Vegas then back home up Highway 101 and Highway 1 in CA and OR.  Went accross the Golden Gate bridge in the motorhome (have to tell you about the drive through downtown San Fancisco in traffic some other time). W... Read More

Two Weeks in Sin City Can Be Darn Wicked
Posted On 04/13/2008 21:34:55 by Traveling12Feet
Aside from the herky-jerky internet connection (we were having problems with the satellite dish - I later found out this was the reason why), 12 days in the same place proved to be... challenging, at least for nomads like us who will do anything to be somewhere different all the time even if we had to drive a hundred miles, only to drive back home that night.

The Oasis rv Resort in Las Vegas is fabulous. Clean, well-maintained environment, modern facilities, not to mention HUGE! I was c... Read More

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