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We are about to take the leap! FULLTIME at 32 years old.
Posted On 10/17/2013 21:58:55 by Long_Island_Mike
Hello, We are a young couple (32 and 30) who are preparing to hit the road full time in the spring. I wil have around 25k in savings at least, A 2011 31' Class C Chateau Motorhome. She recently was let go of her job and I will let myself go come April.  I have previous experience camping in Slab City CA in a 22" Dodge Tioga 1978 for 2 years so I do have some experience. We are out to see the states with no end plan. We will follow opportunities as they present themselves and try to liv... Read More

My Journey
Posted On 10/03/2013 01:47:08 by ToBeFreeToBeMe
I am new to the group, but not to the idea of RV'ing. I have always had a unsettledness inside of me and I have always loved RV's. I think in a past life, I must have been a pioneer moving along on the Oregon Trail. After my divorce, I lost my home and had to live in my F-150 for a year or so. I ended up loving it and camping out under the stars every night. I never really realized how beautiful the clear night sky was or the beautiful sound of rain hitting on the roof of my truck. Th... Read More

Home at last but yet Not home
Posted On 09/12/2013 01:57:38 by wb6mri
Well, here we are 5 months gone by 2200 miles and back in Washington with no place to go till next month. Over the 5 months I got all systems repaired then the water heater went boing bong poof so cold showers are quite exhilrating in the morning a real wake up everyone needs to do this for a month:) Now that I am home without that comfort "house" to fall back on the planning starts for the next adventure. Maybe join the Western states prospectors Club and claim sit all winter on the east sid of... Read More

A trip to Forget
Posted On 05/24/2013 20:11:18 by wb6mri
2May2013 was the day of infamey (hate not having spell check) I left at 1300 to pick up a friend in the pouring rain of Washington, gy the time we got on the road it was 8pm so we drove for 6 hours and stoped for some needed sleep,After ahearty breakfast of ???? we got rolling coffee and Mate` in hand down the road to Hmmm we didn't know oh ya Or. then Calif, AZ, NM, and Texas. It rained all night and in the morning just drizled but we had dirt/dust blowing with it so we ended up with MUD and cu... Read More

Advice for a single woman becoming a full-timer
Posted On 05/20/2013 01:14:14 by NomadicLeLe
Hi everyone,I have had this dream in my mind and my heart for a very long time, my problem is money. I am and have been for years living check to check trying to find a way out ... and am past desperate to find my way to buy a camper or rv and hit the road for good. Any advice is greatly appreciated!  NoMadic LeLe
... Read More

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