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A couple of 30-sometings on an ultimate adventure.

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46 years old
United States

Southern California

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We’re Johnny and Jenn, a couple of retired UNIX administrators. After sitting in a 16sqft cubicles for over a decade, we decided enough was enough. Now we travel around North America in a 100sqft truck camper seeing all that we can. A huge improvement!

We have been on the road for just over four years and don't plan on looking back anytime soon. While on the road, we enjoy hiking, caving, and meeting like minded people. We are always up for an adventure.

Boondocking is our style. Our camper is self contained and we spend most of our time out in the middle of nowhere.

In no particular order...
Being alive
Each other
Rain (our dog)
Cat AKA Dragon AKA Minerva (cat #1)
Hunter (cat #2)
Caving, Hiking, Juggling, Knitting, Traveling and much more!

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01/09/2012 16:51:53
I returned to Amazon; worked from 23 of Oct-21 of Dec. I am still at Green River marina CG and start in March at Yogi Mammoth Cave for the 2nd time until May

01/07/2012 03:54:12
Hitek- I see on your facebook page about suggestions for Joshua Tree.  I spent a night there before I got to Slab City.  I did the 49 Palms Oasis hike.  It is only 3 miles roundtrip and quite a nice hike.

12/17/2011 04:29:54

hitek_homeless wrote:
Damn you're old! ;)

We age well though ;-) 

10/23/2011 15:16:26

I know right! I've been talking about that for a couple of years. Scout us out a place, and we'll all head down the whole winter of 2012! Maybe we can come down for couple of days for our birthdays this Feb.

What's this rebuilding your camper crap? Hope it's just mods and not that something bad happened. 

10/14/2011 14:14:03

hitek_homeless wrote:
Hi ya, Wildzen. Thanks for the invite. Hope you're having a great time getting ready to go full time. The preparation part is an adventure all it's own.

Oh, it totally was! Wow..

08/26/2011 15:22:48

hitek_homeless wrote:

SL1966 wrote:

Read your recent blog post. I've got a 12 quart DO if you're interested in it. I'm in San Antonio TX if you're interested in it. 




Aww thanks, Steve. I really appreciate it. That’s quite a drive, tho. And, I think it might be a bit big for just the two of us. However….. you should totally bring it to the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous in January. I
am sure we could put it to use there. You are coming, right? :)


I will be there, and look forward to meeting you and everyone! No worries about the DO. It's a lil too big for me n the beagle which is why I'm trying to find a good home for it. :-)



08/23/2011 18:36:38

hitek_homeless wrote:
Hey Guys, I haven't been here in a few. Have you got your home back, yet? If so, why the heck are you still sweating in TX?

We are ALMOST back!! We are loading up this week, and going to hang around for a little bit just to make sure everything is working properly and to get organized. Headed up to Colorado the first week of September. Can not wait!! 

07/21/2011 20:07:19

Read your recent blog post. I've got a 12 quart DO if you're interested in it. Used it on group camping trips when I lived in CA. I'm not doing a thing with it and planning on buying a 4qt one. 

It has legs and a lip on the lid to hold coals, but it's cast iron and not stainless steel. The care is pretty simple. A good scrub brush to clean and coat of oil keeps it in great working order. 

I'm in San Antonio TX if you're interested in it. 




03/13/2011 15:25:06
Kool! Just give us a call when you get to town. We will be here until atleast the first of the month.

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