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51 years old
Fort Valley, Georgia
United States

Fort DeSoto Park, Tierra Verde FL

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Aug 24 2011, 12:47 am by gregnmarti
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10/22/2011 19:33:12
Or, perhaps you are missing it.

10/22/2011 19:32:45
Mising Georgia, yet?

10/13/2011 03:00:46

Hosting huh, I can only imagine what kind of information you get. lol

I'm turning 31 this weekend and I'll be in Orlando but my GF and I are planning to overnight at the south Sunshine Skyway rest area Sunday the 16th to Monday the 17th just for fun. If you want to stop by for a beer and let the dogs run around I'm in otherwise next week maybe we can get together the little man (stupid dog) really like the dog beach. I do too.  


10/12/2011 12:40:23
Hi Greg. Just saw your comment on my page. How do you like Ft. DeSoto? I'm across the skyway from you in Palmetto. I'll be here until at least Feb. I'll have to bring my dog out there and we can let them run around on the dog beach sometime.

09/01/2011 01:56:33
Howdy folks... Ourstream is now someone else's dream. The cutest little trailer in the world left our home destined for a hunting camp! Sweet dreams little camper....

08/24/2011 01:16:28
That cave may have been in TN. Well, we are home from a few weeks in North Georgia at Victoria Bryant State Park. Bought a Vogue II motorhome! If for no other reason than the under counter icemaker and built in NuTone blender next to the martini glass rack! The floormat by the door proclaims Vogue Country Club! Too damn funny! So we are packing it and trying to sell the TT that we used before. Then on to FL. Y'all keep in touch. Greg

08/23/2011 17:39:27

Heh. that sounds like a cave we went to in TN. On our way out, the 90yr old lady was out in the fields working the land. We will definitely contact you when we are out that way. We are always up for some caving!

I don't think we will be in Florida for some time. We have driven across the county twice ever year that we have been on the road and are trying to slow down a bit. This year, we left SoCal in at the start of spring and headed into AZ. We spent the last couple of months in Utah and are now in Colorado... just barely. We will make our way back to SoCal for the winter. There is talk of going up the east side of Cali next spring, traveling east for the summer and then down to FL for the winter, but we never plan that far in advance.

Advice? Umm.. make sure that seven year old wears a helmet and elbow pads. LOL. We stayed on the south rim of the GC. It turns out the north rim is the place to be. We had rangers telling us about kick ass campsites right on the edge and how it was there favorite place to escape the heat. The south rim was hot and noisy, but beautiful.

08/06/2011 01:21:44

Actually, his name is Bleumont. Imagine. Well guys, you sound like fun! I was a spelunker for some years until I ran out of good caves that were close enough for weekend trips. We are from Alabama... there are some truly awesome caves in the northern part of the State. Definitely worth stopping and staying for a few days. I can give you some more detailed information if you like. The entrance to one is in a 90sum year old lady's backyard. You have to visit with her for a while before she lets you in!

So, from Fl but in AZ? We will be in FL at Fort DeSoto from September until November. Then on to Big Cypress Preserve from November til April. Will you be back anytime soon? We want to plan a trio West next year. Really want to get in some desert time and our 7 year old is going to evil kenievel over the grand canyon, or so he thinks. Any advice would be welcomed. Thinking about staying at the North Rim for a while...???

Thanks for leaving a comment! Greg

08/05/2011 23:57:52
iderm Bleu. Didn't mean to be so unrefined ;)

08/05/2011 23:54:12
Haha! That's better than being a social idgit! Welcome to the party, guys. Loving Blue! At least I assume that's blue.


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