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Water, water everywhere...dammit.
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Mar 12 2009, 11:52 pm - By Emmymau

The Incorrigible's plumbing continues to revolt...first it was the filter under the sink that exploded. 
When we replaced it, the hose leading to it leaked. 
We fixed that, and the filter itself sprang a leak (faulty installation, not our fault). 
We fixed that, and the water heater regulator blew. 
We fixed that, and the filter started leaking again.  (faulty repair job, not our fault)

We just fixed that, and now one of the fittings that leads from the HW tank to the sink has sprung a leak!  At this rate, we're going to have to rip out the carpet and replace the floorboards around the counter; I'm sure there's rot down there by now.

I think a water pressure regulator might be a good idea, too.  Perhaps the city water is overwhelming our 15 year-old plumbing seals?

1995 National RV Dolphin 533--the Incorrigible
1993 Ford Ranger--not yet named
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Mar 13 2009, 3:29 pm - Replied by: KevsKnight

Wow! Your plumbing is revolting against you!

Am I reading that you do not use a regulator at all? Not even the little brass shotgun shell version? Even though the shotgun shell is a horrible design, it serves the purpose. It regulates pressure through a small diameter orifice, which not only affects pressure, but also volume.  While not quite as pimp as my custom setup, the brass shotgun shell is cheap and at WalMart.

I don't remember the exact numbers, but I believe RIVA-certified RVs are tested to 80PSI in the water system. Most manufacturers recommend not going above 55-60psi, and the brass shotgun shell is rated between 40-45PSI.

I have seen park water pressures between 35PSI up to over 110PSI. With my first RV, my second outing I realized that I left the regulator after the first outing, so just hooked up to the water directly. Ended up this place was well over 100PSI, and I spent most of that weekend away cleaning water from the tank that burst on my WH. Had to go without hot water for the weekend, but learned how to replace a WH that next week :)

Good luck with your water demons!


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Mar 13 2009, 3:56 pm - Replied by: Emmymau

We use no regulator whatsoever.  Nobody ever told us it was something you'd need! 

I am quietly working on a list of "Things Nobody Will Tell You That You Need For Your RV," and if a regulator solves our problems (it sounds like it might) then it goes on the list, too. :)
1995 National RV Dolphin 533--the Incorrigible
1993 Ford Ranger--not yet named
Mushroom--the ship's cat

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