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My Life Chapter 2: Rolling around
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Jan 22 2018, 11:39 pm - By rstuhmer

Hey All,

So I'm having a mid-life crisis, 15 years too early and.... Just kidding, I lost my job and my divorce will soon be complete, no kids so I  have nothing holding me down. All my camping has been on the water previously (HMU if your in the market for Searay Sundancer 270) so I'm selling my boat, want to buy a trailer a checkout our country not on a time budget.... going to rent my house out.

So far my plan has been to look at travel trailers and compare specs to price. I think given I'll probably take a year off from reality, I'm going to want something like 26' - 36' with u[graded amenities. But others on a Facebook group i joined are talking me into something smaller for various reasons. I have also found a map with RV parks. 

I was going to start planning all the types of food I could have when not eating out. Well that is as far as I got and went in the kitchen to make a sandwich. lol  So I need to put the pieces together between find a travel trailer to buy and a sandwich after its setup!
Travel Partners - is there a way to meet people? I mean I'm very sociable but none of my friends are in a position to take a break from reality, and for no necessary time budget. I'm happy by myself but would welcome someone to explore with.

Any insight or resources would be appreciated!

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