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Making dreams come true
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Jan 14 2016, 1:34 am - By Rvelementary

Hello nurvers!

My husband and I decided we wanted to rv full time last October and are still in the planning stage. My husband was the first one to suggest the idea, but I took off with it and became absolutely obsessed! We are going to homeschool our 3 boys (ages 13, 11 & 9), while literally taking our classroom into the real world. And our dreams of escaping city life and exploring the great outdoors, which we've harbored for years, will finally come true. The last big obstacle, my husband getting remote work, was just overcome literally 10 minutes ago. He called me saying he got a software engineering contract that starts Monday and is 100% remote!


We now need to do our last bit of saving $$, but can't wait to be out adventuring full time with you all!! (Tenative start month is this July)


Time to go join every social networking rv group out there. There's friend to be made!!





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