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Topic Michigan RV laws in laymans terms
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Michigan RV laws in laymans terms
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Oct 13 2015, 4:51 am - By dedcat_twinwolf

Hi everyone, I hope I get a reply, my fiance and I are new to the concept of RVing we're not sure what we plan on doing with it long term, we've always had a dream of having a tiny house homestead/hobbyfarm so I cant say we are thinking of traveling full time or what, we currently have a 3-11 40 hr a week job and are in no position to give that up atm, we are currently living with her parents and we're hoping/needing to get out by the time the snow flies, so a no rent option is sounding more and more apealing, (i do realise that theres registration, insurence propane and gas but im still of the opinion that it will be cheaper) so heres where i need help, sifting through the catbox that is the internet is headache inducing enough on normal topics but when dealing with laws i start yanking my hair out, if anyone knows the laws regarding rvs in michigan particulary living in rvs and youd be willing to spell them out to me and send me your sources i would be very gratefull...



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Oct 14 2015, 7:15 pm - Replied by: KevsKnight

Hi -

What kinds of questions do you have? Are you looking for the legalities of living in an RV in a campground? At someone's house? On your own property? Or Michigan as your domicile state and actually living elsewhere? 


I am sure much of it is the same as everywhere else around the country. There are usually rules about where you can park - either set forth by a local homeowner's association, local government, business, etc. The more rural you are, usually the fewer rules. 


Let us know some specifics and possibly we can lend a hand!



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Oct 22 2015, 4:21 am - Replied by: dedcat_twinwolf

Well mainly regarding both staying at someone's private property, and the boondocking/urban camping part, I've heard stuff like even if you are on private property with the owners permission that you are limited to a certain amount of time that you can stay, and that its technically illegal to live in a motorhome full time if you're not parked at a camp ground... Personally I'm not extremely leery about it as I'm pretty sure its complaint driven, but my fiance insists I try to learn all I can before we make a commitment to buy a motorhome... She's the level headed one and I'm the spontaneous one... We tend to even each other out... As far as the boondocking/ Urban camping goes I would like to know what I can and can't do where I can and  can't park....
Dec 24 2015, 11:30 am - Replied by: sven

Not sure if still need any info or not but check with your township and they will tell you about laws where you live. I lived in northern Mich.(between Grayling and Gaylord) and each township was a little different.I know to free camp on state land(you still need the printable form from DNR website) you had to be atleast 1mile from state campground,no closer or they would lose that money.Hope this helps.
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