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The Choice Has been Made...time for prep
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May 21 2015, 12:03 pm - By DigitalNomad

We finally made the decision. We are both are in our early 30s. I love to rock climbing(not much in Missouri) and being outdoors. The wife and kid love hiking. We are used to being out of our element from our time overseas. I currently work for a local ISP, we will see when they get the news :) . I do everything from web development to digital mapping to tech support to fiber optics. Can't really start doing stuff till independence day because I am currently overseas. Would be interested in any advice on trailers/5th wheels that yall may have. Also ways to present this to my employer to maybe get them to let me telecommute. Still in the early planning stages. If anyone is around Kansas City area, let us know, we would love to meet and ask a million questions.



May 22 2015, 4:26 am - Replied by: KevsKnight

Welcome to the road! Great decision y'all made! I am working on my 9th year, and have not looked back yet :)


Some of the best reading you can do for all of your trailer/5th wheel questions is on RV.net and IRV2.com forums. There is a ton of info there, and you will see trends on what people prefer. 


As for talking to your employer, I recommend reading The 4 Hour Work Week. He lays out a great course of action to take in working with your employer to start working remote. The whole book is full of great ideas on how to make work more efficient and free up time to do fun stuff!


Good luck on getting everything together. Please feel free to ask any specific questions - we should be able to hook you up!



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Jun 07 2015, 12:03 pm - Replied by: DigitalNomad

Thanks for the book recommendation. It has already been pretty easy to
implement some of the stuff since I am currently overseas on military
orders. I have not been able to participate in many work things other than
maintaining code for current projects.  Do you have recommendations for
continuing development for a company?  I know working for more than one
company can hedge you bets against running out of stuff to do. I would like
to ensure when they think they need to develop something they come to me to
see if I can do it. Any recommendations again would be appreciated. The
hardest and overwhelming part is going to be finding out Motorhome or Trailer. I
don't want to paint ourselves into a corner, but our time frame is to be on
the road early next spring. Is this a realistic for an initial 1 year trip?
At present we both feel like we may not return form our RV adventure for
longer than that. Thankfully getting rid of stuff is the easy part for us.
We have had to move so many times it's almost become a routine to get rid of
stuff. Look forward to seeing y'all on the road.
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