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Traveling Across Colorado This Spring/Summer?
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May 18 2015, 6:15 pm - By KevsKnight

Are you headed across the mid-west this spring or summer, and looking for something different to do? Consider a stop in Cope, Colorado!


Cope is an old town on Highway 36. It had it's day, but not so much anymore. But, it is a quiet, small farming town in the middle of nowhere. There is a post office and a couple of churches, small grocery store 20 minutes away, and a 9-hole prairie golf course about 10 minutes away.


I am staying at my son's place in Cope for the next couple of months, and we have plenty of boondocking space for visitors. Traveling and just need a quick overnight spot? Cool. Want to hang out a couple of days? No problem. Feel like getting involved in some projects on the farm? We got that too. We have a small, homestead-style pig farm where we raise high quality pigs for some high-end grocers. We are always building, fixing, scooping, feeding, watering. You know - farm stuff :)


Let me know if you want to stop by. There isn't much to do out here, other than get into the farming state of mind for a bit. It is a nice reset from being in general population. 



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Jun 14 2015, 12:41 am - Replied by: hitek_homeless

Sounds lovely. Maybe we'll get to meet you this summer. Cheers.
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