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Future full-timers checking in...
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May 11 2015, 5:21 am - By themoreweexplore

Hello everyone. We are a couple in our early 30s looking to make the switch to full-timers.  We are selling our house and adopting a pretty minimalist lifestyle, so living in an RV full time seemed like the perfect fit.  

We are avid backpackers and mountain bikers, and we want to be able to explore more of this great country, and an RV should help us do just that.


Currently we're in the planning stages and we're thinking of building a skoolie so we can have our RV just the way we want it.  Here's a wish list:

- rear garage (or at least a side garage) is a must to keep our 2 mountain bikes safe, secure, and out of the way.
- reliable, strong, low maintenance drivetrain (we can dream)
- rust free
- able to cruise at 70mph comfortably
- high ground clearance is a plus, since we travel on a lot of dirt roads

- we will be towing a 4,000 lb 4x4 toad
- no blackwater tank, we will use a composting toilet
- lots of solar panels and batteries
- induction burner and solar oven for cooking (no propane or microwave)
- heavily insulated
- small fridge, we dont need a full size fridge

ideas that are still up in the air:
- propane free?
- wood burning stove?
- length? 32 feet seems great

We will be doing a video documentary and build thread of our research, purchase, build, and travel process.

Steve has a decent mechanical background with a good amount of welding and fabrication experience. Tess is a hair stylist with an eye for design and she has exceptional sewing skills. We have a lot to learn about framing, electrical, propane and plumbing among many many more topics.

We are also stuck making the transition from salaried employees to mobile employees. Steve is an Instructional Designer and eLearning specialist, with a lot of video production experience as well.  Tess is a hair stylist and has a true eye for art.

follow our adventures at http://themoreweexplore.com
May 11 2015, 5:26 am - Replied by: themoreweexplore

Before this weekend, we had never spent any time inside an RV. In order to get an idea of whether or not it'd work for us, we decided to rent an RV and learn... learn... and learn.

Noobie RV Rental Experience Day 1
follow our adventures at http://themoreweexplore.com
May 11 2015, 5:27 am - Replied by: themoreweexplore

and day 2: Blackwater disaster, poo on the ground, packrafting, and snow.




follow our adventures at http://themoreweexplore.com
May 14 2015, 10:53 pm - Replied by: KevsKnight

Welcome!! Sounds like your first adventure was quite an adventure!


There is a lot of info out there on Schoolie conversions on schoolie.net, and great info on busnuts.com. Both will come in real handy on setting expectations, as well as technical info you will need.


Good luck - keep us posted!


I have washboard abs. They are just hidden under 50#s of laundry.
May 28 2015, 3:19 pm - Replied by: themoreweexplore

Thanks Kev. We're getting active on Skoolie.net, but I hadn't heard of busnuts, thanks!


We're still trying to decide on the right vehicle for us, but we're 95% committed to making the jump.

follow our adventures at http://themoreweexplore.com
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