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Greetings from Mainers
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Apr 29 2015, 9:49 pm - By RV_Mainahs

Hello Everyone!

We are Deene and Sara Gary. We are are as new as you can get to Rving however we are not new to traveling. I (Deane) am a OTR Trucker by profession but decided to come back to Maine taking some time off from the stress of driving 18 wheelers. Sara rode along with me full time as we gave up our apartment to be on the road together. We were having a hard time finding an apartment that wound not charge an arm and a leg for rent and pet deposit for puppy Gunner who will be a service dog for Sara. My parents had bought a 1992 Winnebago Adventurer that ended up needing more work than they wanted to put into it so they purchased a tow behind trailer and have sold the Winnie to us. We are going to be full time RV'ers while I work full time and fix up the coach. We are in hopes to set out in a couple of years and travel around like we did when we were in the big truck. We look forward to meeting new fellow RV'ers and have learned alot just by watching YT. We had a FB page for our travels but stopped using it when we figured that we were getting done with trucking. We do have a YT page that we look forward to posting vids of our travels and if anyone would like to check it out you can find it HERE. Thanks for letting us join the community!

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May 04 2015, 4:57 pm - Replied by: KevsKnight

Welcome Deene and Sara! Sounds like you have the perfect background to do some adventuring :)  It will be much better now because of: no strict schedules, no port of entry stops, being able to stop and actually experience the cool things you see!!


Fixing up an older RV is fun and challenging. There are so many good resouces on the web for ideas, instruction, and parts. I fixed up two - a 1976 Class C and a 1986 Class A. They were a bunch of work, and a bunch of fun. I learned so much about the inner workings of motorhomes, and it has stuck with me! 


Good luck to y'all. I will keep an eye on your YT page for updates!



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