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Relocating to Oregon... but where?
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Apr 10 2015, 3:50 pm - By numadic

Hello NuRVers,

 We are wrapping our stay in Las Vegas up before it gets hot this summer and heading up to Oregon.  We are looking for potential home bases for our trailer that we can use to explore living/working opportunities.  We have made some contacts with intentional communities, rural campgrounds, off the grid with friends, but we are thinking there are probably a ton of good spots between eugene and portland that we just don't know about and that someone may be able to point us toward.  Any spots that you all can recommend... we love mountains, the ocean, forest ... whatever... and I know some folks have stayed at the lighthouses as well.  Overall we are planning to stay in the trailer from July through at least the beginning of winter this time around while we look for "the right jobs".  Would also be interested in any rv events that may be going on in Oregon from July onward.  Looking forward to plugging into the NuRVers nomadic community.


Brad & Sara

May 02 2015, 5:15 am - Replied by: cntrywhisper

There's so many places here in Oregon to check out .Here's a few you may want to check out. Jesse Honeyman state park (Dunes) outside of Florence,its a nice little town,then you have all the light houses.lincoln city has a great casinos,Garibaldi is a fishing town with rv parks right next to the water.you can park host for rv parking (volunteer.com is where you apply).hope this gives a starting point.
Jun 03 2015, 11:25 pm - Replied by: BettyRocket

Joining in on the conversation- my husand and I are going the same thing. We are paking/selling our stuff in Washington DC and heading across the country in the middle of July. We plan to be in the area by early August. 

 We would love more insight on great places to set-up 'home' for a while.



Apr 11 2016, 4:43 pm - Replied by: fivealive

We have been all over Oregon.  If you can find work near the Bend/Sisters/Prinville area I highly recomend it.  There is a ton of BLM and National forest land in the area.  The public lands are very close to the towns and very easy to find free camping with good cell phone coverage.  Also everything is really beautifull in that area.  We spent about 3 months there last summer and loved it.   There are free dumps in prineville and the cove palisades, and nice showers for $2.  

I also love the brookings area, the coast in between brookings and gold beach is my favorite stretch in the whole country, and we have driven just about all of it.  You can boondock on any coastal pull out in oregon as long as there is not a sign saying otherwise.  There is a time limit, not sure what it is but I don't think anyone is really paying attention.  Just switch up the pull out often, there are many, and you will be fine.  There is also a very good dead end in town, on the brookings side of the river that is in between harbor and brookings.  Drive down the side street to the river, its a quiet dead end that I have used several times and never had an issue.  I have not stayed in the spot more then one night at a time though so keep that in mind.  They have a free dump at a rest stop on the north side of brookings.  It's not a huge town, but big enough to find work in, at least it was for me I really don't know what your trying to do for work so YMMV.  

Landscape photographer and full time nomadic traveler
Apr 11 2016, 4:48 pm - Replied by: fivealive

After re-reading your post it sounds like you are planning on keeping the trailer in one spot for a while.  That would be very easy to do for free in the bend area but the brookings area might not be as ideal for that unless your planning on paying for camping. Honestly though, Bend is amazing.  Pretty much everyone who goes there falls in love with it.  I highly recomend the area, just don't stay for winter unless you enjoy snow.   

Landscape photographer and full time nomadic traveler
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