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Topic Let's do this!
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Let's do this!
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Oct 11 2014, 1:02 am - By effjay

I'm not Rv'ing just yet.  I'm still in the planning phases and am looking for places to go to seek insight from those that are already road-wise.  


 I have a couple of timelines in mind depending on some family stuff that should soon determine which timeline I'll be taking.  My hope is that I'll be on the road in 2 years.  


Let's see.  What else can I say about me?  I'm a Business Analyst with a Software Development company and I currently work from home.  Before I can hit the road, I'll need buy in from my employer which I hope will be relatively easy.  


I've done some research already.  I'm looking at class C Rv's.  My first pick is a Born Free and my back up pick is a Winnebago View/Itasca Navion.  I'll be buying used so I know I'll be at the mercy of what's available.  I have some other runners up in mind as well but I won't bore you with the list.


Other than that I'm compiling a list of things I need to accomplish in order to be ready in two years (another list!).  I've been watching a lot of videos from Technomadia and RVGeeks and reading more blogs than may be healthy.  I still feel like there is so much I'll never know until I get out on the road myself!  I can't wait!  In the words of my 3 year old nephew, "Let's do this!"

Fulltimer Wannabe
Oct 16 2014, 6:30 pm - Replied by: gary276

If you buy a used MH go through every system very thoroughly, water, electrical, air cond, engine, chassis, etc before you hit the road. Once you think you have everything the way you want take it on a shakedown trip that will have you use all the systems installed, and make sure it's far enough away to get a good feel for how she reacts on the freeway, on/off ramps, side roads, etc. This will hopefully save you some grief after you depart permanently, and good luck.


Gary and Susan living the life!
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