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New Full Timmer (No turning back now)
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Feb 25 2014, 9:13 pm - By SGTABN82

Hello everyone.

We have been full timing since January
2014.  The wife and I are both in our mid
40s and Izzy our faithful Pomeranian is about 4 years old. 

After spending the last 24 years living
out of a ruck sack or a duffle bag either in the jungles of the Philippines or
the deserts of Iraq, living in a 5th wheel is like moving into the
Ritz Carliton!!

On 1 January 2014 I retired from the Army after 24 years and multiple
deployments around the globe. The wife (RC) and I decided that we no longer
wanted to stay in one place and the 3000sqft house with 2 acres of grass to mow
in Fort Bragg NC were no longer appealing to us.  So we packed up and had
one big garage sale!!! Can you imagine how much stuff we collected over the
last 24 years???!!! What we didn’t sell we put in a mini storage for now, but I
have a plan that involves a trip to the local flea market to rid us of
everything in the mini storage.

moved to Spring Texas and purchased a used 5th wheel to test the waters. (2000,  35 foot Sea Hawk 5th Wheel) Waters
tested for 4 months and a 35 foot with 2 slides is not large enough for full
time living. We made a list of "must haves" and went shopping. We
recently attended the Houston RV Show and are in the process of ordering our
new 5th wheel. (Grand Design 369RL Solitude). We are 100% sold on
being full timers and we don't miss our house or the grass one bit!!!!  Our
new 5th wheel is being delivered next Thursday and we are really

Our plan is simple on paper but no so
much in reality. We would like to be able to live completely off of what we can
earn on the road and become self-sufficient. I am currently doing some
consulting work in the Houston area and RC is busy making jewelry. She has been
making and selling jewelry as a hobby for the past 15 years. We are hoping to
turn this into an on the road income of sorts.

I would like to travel the southern
United States and stay below IH20. I was thinking about checking out Slab City
but not sure if it is still an option now. I was considering boon docking
somewhere in South Texas around Del Rio or El Paso or maybe Southern New
Mexico…….Not sure yet.  We will be
sticking close to the Houston Texas area until June or so and then, depending
on which way the wind is blowing……that’s where we will be going. 

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Mar 05 2014, 12:55 am - Replied by: KevsKnight

Welcome to the road - and thank you for your service!!


Sounds like you are going through the normal learning process right now.  Get out there, make adjustments, and enjoy :)


I know a few NuRVers that do jewelry to keep them on the road. It is a lot of work, but the ones I know are very happy doing it. Good luck!


I like to stay south as well. You will find that Texas offers few boondocking opportunities, since there is no BLM land in Texas. There are a lot of resources available to find cheap/free places to camp. Just a matter of finding them. The Escapees has a great book out that is all about boondocking places around the country. Google up boondocking and free camping, and you will find plenty.



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