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From KS
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Jan 29 2014, 1:10 pm - By SnowGypsy

We'll have to count ourselves among "the young at heart" since this summer, both myself and my husband turn 60!  We have an adult son with Down syndrome who is 27 years old and is still at home with us.  We have 2 larger dogs, both seniors, and a grumpy old guinea pig.  Yes, it would be sort of a circus on wheels!  One and half years ago, we bought a too large house but had so many plans of traveling locally and slightly extended travel but then, my husband's employer changed all that.  A couple of times in the past, we have lived full-time in, once a TT and once a 5th wheel (owned a total of 8 RVs, currently a pop-up but looking for other) while my husband worked for a federal contractor.  Most of the employers are extremely demanding now and being debt-free and more than capable of living frugally, we're gearing up to just drive away once the house sells.

It confuses me that when we were in our 30's, every one discouraged us from just taking the "leap" as we were living in snowbird country, AZ.  We got endless advice on how to live our life not only from our neighbors but from the forums that we visited.  Truly, the last thing we were looking for was being "parented".  So, years later, we are getting the same thing, being "parented".  Good grief, how old does one have to be in order to be considered capable of looking after themselves?  We pursue a healthy lifestyle and consider preventive medical care to be a healthy diet and exercise.  We are debt-free which most of those that are attempting to "parent" us are not.  We don't mind advice, but gee!  Once we were relocating to NC and my husband's sister "forbid" him to move there because of hurricanes!  We ignored the "forbidding". 

There is a difference between giving a helping hand and giving an uninvited shove in a direction where the recipient has no intention of going.

Would love to see this group heartily revived because there is a definite need there.

All our best, Al, Cathy, Andrew, Rinnie, Yellow Dog and Sparky!

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Jan 29 2014, 8:34 pm - Replied by: LiveWorkDream

Hi guys! Welcome! As we always say in the group, it's not about age but about mindset. And I can tell you definitely have the Nu frame of mind! Plus, 60 is the new 40, didn't you know that? ;)


Kudos to you for getting ready to finally make the leap. With all of your experience owning various RVs, you'll do fine out there. I hope your home sells quickly. 


Your comment about when is one old enough to not get parented by well-meaning people cracked me up. I'm 40ish and still get parented by my family members (who likewise think Jim and I are nuts/lazy/weird) who can't wrap their heads around the full-timing lifestyle. I think the reason why people try to talk others out of taking the leap to full-timing is because like you said, they are in debt and they have no clue what real freedom is like. Without owing a dollar to anyone, the world is yours and real freedom can be found no matter where or how you live. My husband Jim and I are also debt-free and it's changed our lives for the better. Although our desire not to ever have RV payments again prevents us from going out and getting a bigger rig until we have enough $$, staying out from under The Man is so worth it!


Well, just wanted to give a shout out and say that I hope you guys get to do this soon. You, your son and all the critters will have a blast!

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