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The Facebook Website Community Conundrum
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Nov 27 2013, 10:05 pm - By LiveWorkDream

The Jim part of LiveWorkDream speaking here...


The NüRVers Faceborg group was created for two primary reasons:

    A lack of participation in these forums, galleries and blogs, andFacebook has become a utility that people depend upon as part of their daily online life.


By making it an open group, however, and purposefully creating a vague description of what it means to be Nü, it has grown exponentially with many who clearly didn't read the About tab, didn't get it, or didn't care.


Many early members have suggested shutting down the group, or creating a private invite-only group. Others recommend driving participation back here where it belongs. Some fear we may lose folks that way.


As the manager of an online niche community with 5,500± members, busy discussion forums, more than 1,000 blogs and a popular Facebook page (not group); I totally understand the challenges of managing such a congregation.


Yes, a Facebook presence is necessary for any public organization these days. I personally believe, however, if members must take extra steps to participate on a different platform, they are more likely to add value and get along better with like-minded folks.


Big changes are coming soon to make this site more user-friendly and attractive—functionally and aesthetically—enough to draw members away from the Facebook group which has clearly lost its intended way.


So what is to become of this community during this transition and after the makeover?


I offer a few suggestions below and look forward to feedback from others...


Slowly dissolve the group with plenty of warning, encouraging interested members to create a NüRVers website account and participate with other like-minded folks here.


Create a new NüRVers Facebook page (not group), where members can still touch base on the Faceborg and managers can share updates from the website. (I have found groups to be much more conducive to bickering and personal disputes than pages.)


Investigate Tapatalk to determine if it is compatible with the platform running these forums to make them more mobile friendly.


We cannot compete with Facebook, but must add value to draw members here. This includes giving them a stronger sense of identity, with expanded profiles and activity streams, but could be much more...


Add a members only page with larger chat room.


Make the map more user-friendly or somehow add value to the map (or maps) by allowing members to recommend Nü spots to stay, attractions or places to eat.


Charge a membership subscription fee to support hosting and management efforts, or stock Kevin's bar. If people pay for something they are more likely to use it.


Or, we could save a lot of headaches by deleting the group and the site, then exchanging phone numbers ans sending friend requests to those we'd like to hook up with again down the road...


What say you? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

1. i like the convenience of having pages on FB, rather than having to visit another site.... by redfivenine
Working and Living Our Dream Life
Nov 27 2013, 11:49 pm - Replied by: redfivenine

i also hope young at heart will be considered for NUrvers, rather than a chronological/calendar age...thank you!...
dance gypsy
Nov 28 2013, 12:18 am - Replied by: twospirits

We found this website before we saw the Facebook group and will be happy to support this website instead. I was already considering quitting Facebook altogether when I saw that the community seemed more active there than here and decided to stick around Facebook to learn more. After today's display on Facebook from those member who have an issue with our "lifestyle/agenda/etc", it has convinced us it is time to make the decision to get off of Facebook for good. Please let us know what we can do to help support this site!
Nov 28 2013, 4:44 am - Replied by: Technomadia

1) I completely and whole-heartidly support stocking Kev's bar!!


2) If the NuRVer FB group is to be dismantled, I think a Page makes a great place to have a presence on FB. But only if the NuRVer website is able to foster enough community and discussions to bring back the cohesion.  My biggest fear is that the web and social networking has changed so much since this website was first launched (a time when communities did form around niche websites like this).  It'll be tough challenge to bring traffic back here. 


But, I also know, NuRVers is in my heart - and I will jump through hoops to stay involved. I hope others feel the same. 


  - Cherie 


Cherie and Chris / Technomads / www.technomadia.com
1961 GM 4106 - Vintage Bus
On the road since 2006 

Nov 28 2013, 7:20 am - Replied by: LiveWorkDream

The Rene part of Live Work Dream speaking here.


I would love nothing more than to see the Nu community that once was to return to it's previous life. Is it impossible? Hell no! There are LOTS of discussion groups out there with very basic functionality that have huge communities formed around them (including RV.net and the Escapees Forums). You don't need bells and whistles to create community, but you DO need to make it worthwhile to get people over there and participate.


How do you do that? Create a welcoming, niche community (Nu) that serves a specific purpose (to celebrate the joys of living differently) and strives to encourage free-spiritedness in aspiring road trippers. That's all it takes, as shown by how this group flourished with cool people in the first place.


After yesterday's horrific response to the video Sam shared in the FB group, it's clear to me that the original intention of the Nu FB group is completely gone. 95 percent of the people in the group are not my tribe, and I have no intention of returning to the group, ever.


Kill the FB group. Put it out of it's misery and reclaim Nu.



Working and Living Our Dream Life
Nov 28 2013, 2:52 pm - Replied by: travelfables

I've been around this virtual campground for quite some years now, and I make no secret of how much I despise faceborg. I say no at the idea that everything has to center around faceborg. These days, I do think forward-thinking mojo would be the development of mobile components for much needed upgrades. Services/communities without apps or (at least mobile web-space) for BOTH android and Iphones, are just holding on to the past. If this were my banana, I'd begin to develop a Nu app, that connects users - though the NuRVers friends list (we can create our own circle that way). Please Note: I will heckle things that take themselves too seriously though -(its who I am). I've created games about that. Heck I've brutally heckled Hercules, and got kicked out of a Rocky Horror at a Dragon Con for "making fun of the movie" (so I have history there :)).
Dec 02 2013, 3:27 am - Replied by: KevsKnight

Awesome feedback :)  I had a nice, long, technology-disconnected week, and I am in a MUCH better place to do some forward thinking for the group. I really like the idea of a FB page, letting people know who we are. I think one of the problems with FB is that NuRVers just appears as another RVer group, so people join up.


Remember the olden days - before FB - where we didn't advertise or spam, and the right people seemed to find us somehow?? That is what I long for :)  But, I also want to make every opportunity to meet Nu and exciting people! 


The month will see drastic changes here. I have a few things in the oven, and will focus on the software upgrade at the end of December. 


Looking forward to focusing back on the NuRVers website and meeting Nu people!!



I have washboard abs. They are just hidden under 50#s of laundry.
Dec 02 2013, 7:28 pm - Replied by: LiveWorkDream

Fabulous! Yep, I do agree that word of mouth will help bring the cool kids to the campfire circle. Other methods besides FB, like IG and Twitter, will do the trick too.

This is exciting. We are here to help so send over our To Do List and we'll get started OK? 



Working and Living Our Dream Life
Dec 03 2013, 1:09 am - Replied by: Trippinwithstanley

I like the idea of a Facebook page rather than a group. This would ensure with your plan that we are driving activity back to the site. An update will surely be welcomed with open arms as well. I love the idea of pulling conversation off a faceborg and onto a map with real context for the group. Too many great discussions get lost in the depth of the FB group and then just keep popping up again. 

I think if Kev (and associates) have time to put towards updating this site and making it a place where people want to interact again we will have more success at bringing the Nü back to the NüRVers.

Excited for the updates to come!  

Working on not working
Dec 04 2013, 4:57 pm - Replied by: BeBe

First off, I am soooo happy to see some action here on the site! I check in now and again but it's been awfully quiet. I am greatly looking forward to the NU and updated NU website and if all of us pitching in a few bucks will make it easier on those that manage it then I say we pitch in. Would love to have an app or some kind of site that helps us connect easier. If a FB Page would be better than that intolerable Group then let's set it up. We found everyone here originally and it changed our lives...unfortunately. FB made it much easier to follow and get to know certain people and I know my hubby participated there but not here. But maybe we want those that make the extra effort to find their "people"...that's not necessarily a bad thing...
~Debby & Bill
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Dec 04 2013, 6:54 pm - Replied by: LiveWorkDream

Yep, totally agreed it needs to be a page. I know from our own experience of having a Facebook page for our Tripawds.com community, and a group for our UK Chapter, that they are VERY different experiences for the community and for us, as Admins.


The UK people rarely visit our .com site, but the folks who monitor our page are consistently showing up there and really feel like they've got a community, which is our goal. The UK folks also believe they  have a community but in monitoring both activities its easy for me as an admin to see how very different they are. The .com members get far more value for their experience. I would love to see this happen for this group too.

Working and Living Our Dream Life
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