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New guy from central ohio
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Oct 07 2013, 5:19 am - By Doug

 I'm not officially in an RV and on a nomadic path just yet, but it's looking more and more like the direction I am going to go at least for a while.

 I had initially wanted to do the live aboard sailboat but I see myself having to make too many compromises based on how much boat I can afford.. a 37 foot boat would do what I want, but a 27 footer is more in my price range, and even those would require some extensive refitting before it would be a suitable home. The upside is that once its in the water, wind is free.

 I've been looking at RVs for about 6 months, and in my area I have seen a couple largish pace arrows (70s models) that look promising, I have 15+ years of auto & truck tech experience, as well as basic construction, electric and plumbing skills, so an older fixer-upper is ideal for me, so long as its not too far gone.

 For me the desire to live the nomad's life is nothing new, I spent a couple years as a teen travelling (hitch hiking mostly) and have spent a lifetime motorcycling and bicycling. I have and am comfortable with wanderlust.

 I'm at a point in my life where there just isn't much of anything tying me to one spot. I think it's the 1st time in 20 years I didn't have a great job, or a girlfriend, or anything really to hold me down. Instead, for the last 12 mos life has been in an almost constant upheaval that's found me living with a roomate, with 95% of my stuff in a storage unit. I just found out yesterday that my roomie is moving in with his girlfriend and I have 30 days to vacate.

  Good news is I will probably earn more this month than I have in any month this year, and while that still leaves me a man of modest means, I think I can swing an inexpensive RV, and for the short term I have a friend who has offered to let me park it at his house while I get it fixed up and fitted for travelling.

 I haven't decided on the size I want yet, obviously bigger is better when parked, but I see fuel as being my biggest expense once on the road, and a smaller RV should get better mileage. I will be towing a trailer with my motorcycle for commuting once parked.

 I will definitely be looking into inexpensive methods of camping, ideally using solar panels and house batteries for most powered items, with the most taxing items being a PC and monitor. 

 I think I have a fairly accurate idea of what to expect, what my income will need to be, what kind of unexpected things can crop up.. I don't know if RVing will become a long term lifestyle change or if I'll just spend a year or two doing it, but right now it looks like a way to make lemons into lemonade.

 I figure I have some fairly marketable skillsets, if I can help people with their rigs here and there and maybe get some event work ( I do some of that now, just not sure how to find work outside of craigslist. The events I do now are never advertised, you just have to know the people.) 

 I don't know how settled I want to be, I guess as settled as I have to be to fill the tanks and keep food in the cupboards. 

 I found this site from a cool youtube video about what people do to make money while RVing, though I'd come take a look. 

 So yeah.. that's a bit about me.

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