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Oct 04 2013, 12:45 am - By jay

Hi to all, I'm Jay.  My calling is as a mathematician, and I'm an unabashed nerd: I never want to stop learning, experiencing, and discussing new things.  When my academic employment ended in June, I acquired an RV and moved into it with my girlfriend Liz, and now we live and work remotely.  Our status in life is something like "putting a dent in the bucket list early", "seeing ALL THE THINGS", "confronting our assumptions about life", etc.

We've crossed the country once already to hit some key events (a wedding, Burning Man), and now that there are no more scheduled points in spacetime for us, we are finally going nomadic in earnest, starting with a clockwise loop of the States.  Hence my finally getting rolling on this site.  I'm here to learn (and contribute to) what yall have discovered, and maybe also to make some like-minded friends.  Please drop me a note or friend me if you want to compare notes or meet up, and check out our blog at vbrt.org if you want more info.

I'm living now, while I still can.
Oct 04 2013, 1:14 pm - Replied by: Technomadia

Pleasure to virtually meet you guys!  Hmm.. nerdy burner, I think you've found a great community here at NuRVers. Did you by chance stop in at Camp Nomadia this or in years past?  It's the camp that many of us here partipate in, our little hood on the playa. 


Anyway, welcome.. and sincerely hope our paths cross out there somewhere! We're currently in Oregon, and will soon be heading towards Florida by winter.


 - Cherie 

Cherie and Chris / Technomads / www.technomadia.com
1961 GM 4106 - Vintage Bus
On the road since 2006 

Oct 04 2013, 6:04 pm - Replied by: jay

Nice to meet you, too.  Next year at BM, I'll be sure to stop by.  (I've been camping with Phage, whose theme is "Science!".)  Your bus looks gorgeous—I would love to see what yall have done with the place.  We will be in Florida for at least an early bit of winter, and I'll ping you then.

I'm living now, while I still can.
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