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Newbies to the Nu
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Sep 03 2013, 4:02 pm - By digital_girl

Howdy....DH and I are in the process of evicting adult children, selling everything plus house and hitting the road. Ok...evicting is pretty tough...but we have an adult son who lost his job during depression [we are recoverying, aren't we??] and an adult disabled daughter and her husband. Son is finishing up technical school and will be on his way soon....daughter and husband we're not sure about. 

So, presently, we are Barn Selling all that we can to downsize and praying for guidance. We have wanted to do this [or let's say I have] for years but it has only been a recent decision available to DH. After a few years of back problems, he had surgery and is now 1+ year post-op. His thyroid and LT has taken up some more time, but I think now he's better than new and rariing to go....hahahaha....in more ways than one!  

I think our son will eventually find himself, but it is our daughter and her husband that have been the source of our major concern. We are currenty involved with an attorney regarding her drop from SSI....they feel she's employable.....the only successful job she had was under a government program. Hopefully, they wil decide in her favor soon.

So here we are one foot in and one foot out. We have found and purchased a 32' Allegro Bay with two slides that we've camped in over the past few months. We both agree it is livable on a ful-time basis. [ It also helps our adult children understand that this is something we are determined to you if they should have any doubts. 

Anyway.... our co-dependency aside...we ARE EXCITED!! and are looking forward to the path and the journey ahead. As I sort through our years of accumulation [we've been married 46+ years], I wonder where it all came from, why we needed it to begin with, and where we will be next year at this time. 

Happy trails [and trials] ahead to all,

Rob & Caryl-marie Kirk


Stepping up for THE JOURNEY

Tiffin's 2004 32BA Allegro Bay

soon to have toad Jeep

Sep 05 2013, 3:44 am - Replied by: nateums

Well, the good thing is, your half way there. Spending a few weekends in your rv will help you identify things you'd like to change or fix now while it's easy. Once you live in it, certain challenges arise when fixing things. Nothing that can't be overcome, it's just easier to do major stuff when you're not living in it full time. 
just being awesome
Sep 06 2013, 12:54 am - Replied by: Ragnarok

Good luck on striking out!  Live the dream!


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