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Weird smell
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Aug 30 2013, 8:12 pm - By Krisandglory

We have a 2013 mesa ridge 35ft bumper pull. This last week while sitting outside near the prop tanks and batteries, I kept getting a whif of melting or burning plastic. But when I go to investigate nothing is burning or on fire or anything. I've searched for answers online can't find any. No fuses blown, we are a 50amp but currently connected to a 30amp. We are in 75-80 degree weather. It's a rather unnerving smell. Any ideas? Could it just be a new use smell, because the rig is new and this is really it's first long use?
Youngersters new to the full-time life
Sep 03 2013, 5:24 am - Replied by: Krisandglory

Just an update we found the smell. It was the emergency brake module. My husband prior his tech career was a commercial driver and in a commercial vehicle you disconnet the brakes. So he disconnected the e brake... well it continually tried to stop us while parked. Luckily the part was cheap and easy to replace.
Youngersters new to the full-time life
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