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Topic Doable or Not???
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Doable or Not???
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Jul 31 2013, 6:23 pm - By Gem277

Hello all! My name is Casey and I'm new here. Like many, my dream for a long time has been to cut down on cost of living, to be more mobile, and to have freedom to come and go as I please while seeing the world. My life has been through many phases, to say the least. For the last few years I've moved once a year. I'm 31 and getting divorced (my ex and I are best friends though and I have his blessing). I have a 3 year old and for the past two years we've traveled as much as possible while having a home base.

Right now I'm renting and it's costing me. I make 700 a month from teaching theater (obviously, this would be gone if taking to the road). I make another 600 from my ex (direct deposit in the account, as legally agreed upon). I make 85 a week working part time retail (which would not be feasable on the road bc I won't have a sitter). We are vegetarian and cook 6-7 nights a week. I was homeschooled and planned on doing the same with my girl.  We love culture, museums, nature, and exploring. Both my daughter and I love people and are extroverted.

Is RV-ing full time or part-time doable with so little income and a toddler on top of that? I want to, but I'm scared of what people will think!! Also want to make sure I can budget properly and not get stuck somewhere without any resources. ANY response or advice would be helpful to me! Thanks

Aug 01 2013, 6:04 pm - Replied by: KevsKnight

Welcome to NuRVers, Casey! Sounds like you are working through some pretty big decisions in your life. To that, I say Congrats!! Seems with me, all of my big, life-changing events starting with stuff like this. Gives you a chance to turn that Etch-A-Sketch upside down and give it a good shake :)


Is fulltiming possible on a small income? That is all up to you. Lifestyles vary greatly with people I have met on the road. For some, an income of $20k+ a month barely covers things. Others are very happy living on 5% of that :)  


The expense of fulltiming is much like the expense of living in a normal house. The one big advantage is that you have total control over many of your living expenses. In an area where park rent is $1100/month? Move to a cheaper location and pay $300/month! Want even cheaper? Go off-grid for a bit. Can't do that in a normal home. 


The main expenses with fulltiming is your rig/home, your campground fees, and moving. I have found that when money is tight, I can stay put and not move around a lot to save some money. When I get the itch, I can move to a new location. Fulltiming doesn't mean driving non-stop from one location to another. Some people move frequently, others find a spot they like and stay put for a while - a month to many months. 


I think a good path for you right now is to really think about what you want to do for your living arrangements. Research RVs to see what is right for you. Think about creative ways to make money while traveling - there are many people that do workamping (Google that one), or go to various locations and get temporary work. Lots of options, and you are only limited by what you impose on yourself.


Can you do it? Hell yea! Is it right for you? Only you have that answer. There are a ton of "road kids" out there, and they are some of the coolest kids I have ever met. You can be a good parent and a good provider whether your house has wheels and brake lights or not ;)


Good luck - shoot out any questions you might have!



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Aug 02 2013, 2:57 am - Replied by: Gem277


Thank you so much for your positivity! I've had a lot of people look at me like I'm crazy, so it's nice to know I'm not alone in wanting to see what this kind of life can offer vs. living traditionally.

I've seen lots of articles about the advantages of an RV lifestyle. It's not always glamorous, but there's a trade-off and I'd rather be happy than worry about how much stuff I have to cram in a house or apartment that sucks all of my money away. My main concern is definitely choosing the right RV and making a budget that works, while giving me the freedom to travel and freelance whenever I need to. I also appreciate the feedback on "road kids". Another of my worries was that most people in this lifestyle are retirees.

Probably most of my future questions will be about RV's...the best kind, what to look for, dealer vs. private seller (getting mixed opinions on that one lol). 


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