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Apr 21 2013, 10:07 pm - By abirdredsolocupnme

Hi I am new to this site and and wanting info on which RV might be the better one. I am going to be selling my condo in Scottsdale AZ. and buying my first RV and going FT. I am looking for a 1) PC 2550 2) Lazy Daze RB/dinette or 3) Born Free RB/dinette. If anyone has pros or cons on differences between would surely appreciate and thanks.


Apr 23 2013, 6:17 pm - Replied by: blars

It depends mainly on you.  Are you planning on buying new?  Lazy Daze makes the best class C's I found, but used ones tend not to go cheap.  I went with a used Rexhall Class A, but they don't make them without slides anymore.  You can look at the rv-shopping articles on my blog for my choices made with looking.


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