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Increase Your Holding Tank Capacities by 40%
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Sep 16 2008, 4:41 am - By lukeaa

I installed a SeeLevel II tank monitoring system http://www.rvgauge.com/ in my diesel RV this weekend.  What I found was that Monaco had set the tank indicators on both the gray and black water tanks, to show 100% full, when in reality, they were only 60% full.    Now that I have an accurate monitoring system, I can get 40% more gray and black water in my tanks, without worrying.  I can not believe that the RV manufacturers continue to use the cheapest possible tank measuring systems. 


I put the 712TT monitor inside the coach (it displays fresh water, gray water, black water, battery, LPG, inside temperature and outside temperature.  I put an additional monitor, 711 ( fresh, gray, black, and battery) in the plumbing bay.


It was $500, but I really like knowing exactly where my tank levels are when I am boondocking.  I will pay for it by not having to drive to town to dump my tanks when they are only 60% full.

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Sep 17 2008, 5:42 pm - Replied by: KevsKnight

Love the SeeLevel! I installed one last year and have been completely satisfied. I get odd readings periodically, but figure it is probably something I did. I will go back through and confirm all of the grounds are good, and the wires are not touching anything on the sensors. Hopefully that will help.

Other than an odd number or two - it is a great mod for me. I especially love having an accurate reading for LPG. In the past, once it got below 1/3 tank it would show empty. However, I would still have about 8 gallons in there! Same was true when boondocking with the waste tanks. Biggest problem there was that I could never trust the tank readings I got. The stock sensors were crap (pun intended). Not any more tho :)


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