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Topic over night parking
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over night parking
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Nov 06 2012, 9:00 pm - By jft

Has any one gone to overnightrvparking.com. or use the site to fine a park. They want $24.00 a year to use the site.

is this a fly by night site that take your money and run. If you did use this site tell me more about it. Like to here from you.



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Nov 10 2012, 2:10 am - Replied by: Technomadia

As I responded to this same requestion on another RVing forum you posed it at.... 


OvernightRVParking.com is very legit - it's been in business for many years, and run by a fellow full time RVer Jim O'Briant. He goes to great length to call each site submitted and verbally verify the details and GPS locations. We do keep a membership there, but frankly - use it less and less. Since they've implemented higher subscription fees, I feel there are less users thus less contributing updates - so the data is getting stale and outdated. On our last repositioning, we went to 3 different locations suggested by the site, to arrive to changed situations and policies. I have noticed Jim on many RVing forums 'listening' for folks to talk about overnight stops so he can update his database. So I give him credit, he's trying. 

Also, in a world going app-crazy - the site is not as mobile friendly as I'd like it to be. I'd much prefer the data as an app, but I've seen no movement in that direction. 

But for $24 - if you even get one free night a year out of it, its paid for itself. So, we keep our membership. And, everytime we submit an update - he extends us for free for 2 weeks. 

Other resources we use for finding free overnight stops include:

www.freecampsites.net - also run by some fellow full timers, free
www.freecampgrounds.com - believe it was bought out by a commercial site, and not nearly as useful as it once was

And of course, the awesome Allstays website and smartphone app. We use that one a lot on our iPhones and iPad. 

The Days End Directory available with an Escapees Membership is reported to be great as well, but I have no experience with it. 

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Nov 23 2012, 6:53 pm - Replied by: Irishrover

AllStays.com is still free I believe and list free overnites as well as Federal,state and local campgrounds.
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