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Topic The Urge To Purge
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The Urge To Purge
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Oct 31 2012, 2:04 am - By Yellowbeard

Hey all!

Nu here. 

Just picked up a 1979 Holiday Ramblette (I think it's a 25') TT in reasonable condition.  Am living in it now and have been  working in between rain squalls to seal the roof and I also need to replace some of the mouldy panelling as well as clean the window tracks and reseal them.  Afterwards, and when it's warmer, I'll be tearing out all of the gross 70s faux wood particle board cabinets and rebuilding stuff.  Am playing around with some design ideas.  So far the electrical is all good and the fridge is the TT's saving grace.  Not sure yet if the stove works as I haven't gotten around to testing it and will need to do the same with the plumbing.  Everything is original including an AM 8 track player and huge "Spacemaker" Coffeemaker (which still works)!

I also will be needing something to tow it with but am looking at maybe late winter for that.  Have been looking at F250s, 4x4 F150s, and Chevy 2500s.  Not a lot of money so have to be pretty frugal which has never been my forte but now that my wife and I are separating I'm going to have to figure out how.

I would love to be a full timer but also want a piece of property in one of my favourite locations where I can spend part or all of the summers.  My work isn't very mobile and so I am in the process of changing trades... again.  A jack of all trades but  that's about it.

I am pretty excited to have found this site and am looking forward to meeting people, learning stuff, and having fun.

Here's my poor Subie using the TT as a road grader and towing it to it's current location which fortunately for Bluebaru was only a few hundred metres away.




Grading the road with the TT

A couple of shots from within "Makes me feel like dancing, whoo!"

Polyester King!

The Pad
Nov 01 2012, 3:25 pm - Replied by: LiveWorkDream

Ooooh I love your trailer! It reminds me of the ones that I grew up with. I can see a lot of potential in yours, that will be fun to renovate and put your touches on.


Welcome to NuRVers! We're a varied bunch, some full-timers, some part-timers, some dreamers, you name it. My husband Jim and I started out a lot like you...we became full-timers in 2007 with the goal of finding a piece of property we could spend summers on, which we did. We bought a little piece of heaven in Colorado in 2009, but have since only spent a few months there each year because the travel bug keeps biting us again and again! It is really nice to have that option to go back there though.


Are you Canadian? You said meters. Not too many Americans think in metric! 

Working and Living Our Dream Life
Nov 01 2012, 7:34 pm - Replied by: Yellowbeard

Hi and thanks for the welcome. 

I do think in both metric and imperial measurements but tend to prefer metric.


When I was growing up I spent most of my life living in the states but as my stepfather is aboriginal and has both Canadian and US residency, we practically lived in Canada with his relatives for much of the summers which was pretty easy to do as we lived within a few minutes from the boarder.


I grew up spending summers camping out of the back of my mum's '74 Dodge Powerwagon which she converted from an automatic to a stick and built pull out cabinets and a kitchenette.  We spent much of our summers travelling around the Okanogan and north eastern Washington and Idaho and she would sometimes cooked on the engine en route to our next destination.  Every summer my uncle would take me fishing to Spirit Lake and Mt. St. Helens in his truck camper and as my grandparents had a mobile home we would inevitably all meet somewhere in the North Cascades or Lake Chelan and always seemed to resemble a gypsy caravan when together.


Those where the days when crossing the boarder was similar to crossing state lines and you had to be careful taking the back roads as you could easily end up in Canada without realizing it.  In fact my grandparents owned some rental property right on the boarder where my sister and I would play "world traveller in one second" by jumping over the 2' fence in the back yard.  On one side we were in the US and on the other side we were in Canada.


A side from all of that I am half Canadian on my father's side, though have never requested citizenship.  It would be harder now anyway because he's dead and I don't have much documentation on him.  That said, the love of my life lives in the Discoveries and so I plan on moving to BC sometime in the very near future to be closer to her and her boys.  As for right now I live on Orcas Island which is north of Victoria and within sight of the lights of Vancouver, however, still in the US.



Nov 01 2012, 10:02 pm - Replied by: anatomist1

I hate to rain on your parade, but if the refrigerator you mentioned is from 1979, you may want to reconsider using it.  I've talked to several old-time RV'ers who have warned me against using old propane refrigerators in the strongest possible terms, down to describing what it's like to see flames in your rearview mirror and what burnt wreckage piles on the highway look like.  When these units get old, they get less efficient - you turn them up to make up for it, and the functional parts get hotter and hotter, eventually setting the wood infrastructure surrounding the unit on fire.  I was already uneasy about the idea of running propane appliances while driving and they convinced me to neither repair or replace the 3-way fridge in my 1988 Bigfoot.


Luckily, new DC electric refrigerator/freezer units are now out using the amazing Danfoss compressor.  Even an 83qt unit only draws about 3 amps on a 12v dc system, generally doesn't even run continuously, and is capable of going below zero and making huge blocks of ice.  I am just using an ice cooler right now, but am planning to put a 43qt unit in mine - it will require some creative construction, since they only come in top-open designs so far, which is probably good because top-open is a far more efficient design anyway. The one I have seen in action is called an "Edge Star" though there are a couple of other brands.  The key is the Danfoss compressor.

Nov 02 2012, 12:23 am - Replied by: Yellowbeard

Thanks for the heads up on the fridge.  The good is that it's all electric.  The bad is that it probably uses a hela lightling bolts to keep it running.  At the moment, however, I am tied to city electric so am not worried about what I use right now.



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