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Topic Looking For RV Bloggers
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Looking For RV Bloggers
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Oct 18 2012, 3:32 pm - By ramonacreel

Attention full time RVing bloggers! I am working on a couple of different books and am coming up against some publishing deadlines, so I need to take a break from my weekly Living In A Tin Can blog http://www.ramonacreel.com/BlogIndex.asp?Category=56 at the first of the year to really focus. So I am looking for guest bloggers who would like to get their content in front of my followers. And no, this doesn't have to be an original blog, it can be something you have already posted on your own site in the past. Just private message me with 1. the full text of your blog post, 2. your resource box with link back to your site, and 3. a 2OO to 25O pixel wide and high headshot. I am going to need at least a dozen blogs, so submit away! I look forward to being able to cross promote your site!
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