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Topic Dinette conversions?
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Dinette conversions?
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Sep 03 2012, 12:04 am - By AJ1

The RV I will be getting  (in a few weeks...YAY!) has a dinette booth in it.  I plan to alter the booth area to make a workspace.  I need to fit in my computer AND room for art (not computer generated art...acrylic/watercolor/collage/mixedmedia messy messy art, lol).  I have a very limited budget to work with so going out and just purchasing a bunch of new specialized RV furniture isn't going to be the ticket for me.  Has anyone altered/remodeled or even seen cool pics or ideas of any RV's that made work/artsy-craftsy spaces?  I am trying to get ideas.  Thanks!
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Sep 04 2012, 3:59 am - Replied by: Technomadia

We tore out our dinnete and constructed a dual desk work space and fold out crafting table...


You can see what it looked like before at:




And see what we did:


Bus Projects: Dual Desk & Air Filters 

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Sep 04 2012, 3:38 pm - Replied by: AJ1

oh I really like your fold out crafting table!  I actually was looking over your website last night so I had seen the desk...you guys did a good job.  I think whatever I come up with I need a professional to do the woodworking and cabinetry stuff, probably a individual like ya'll did.....I know how to do the basics but making it look professional is another matter, lol.
Sep 05 2012, 3:31 pm - Replied by: Technomadia

For sure.. we knew for woodworking, hiring the professionals was the right choice for us :)  


We had the desk built for just $600, by the way :)  Just takes coming across the right person at the right time.  

Cherie and Chris / Technomads / www.technomadia.com
1961 GM 4106 - Vintage Bus
On the road since 2006 

Sep 16 2012, 5:38 pm - Replied by: Alex_n_Mike

We just tore out the couch and Michael built a desk/workspace/storage unit there. It has added so much space! We will have pics once he finishes the details and finish work. I stopped looking at the RV as an RV and started looking at it as a house. Once I did that, It was easier to tear things apart (although I caution that some things are there for a reason that might not be obvious to you).

After Michael tore out the couch and refinished the floor, I temporarily used a wood board and sawhorses for the desk. One, it allowed me to work. And two, it allowed us to utilize the area and sketch out what we needed ergonomically.

Before we went custom, we did see many premade desks that 'almost' worked, so premade might be an option as well.

If it is for just one person, I like the idea of removing the table, putting your chair there, right in the center, then building up a u-shaped worktop area. If the benches have deep pull out drawers, you might want to just build up from there, as those drawers are super deep and useful.


Sep 17 2012, 5:06 am - Replied by: AJ1

thats kinda what I have been gravitating towards, the u-shaped idea.  Except for some reaons the designer of the RV interior decided it was a good idea for the dinette to stick out into the central walkway.  So I am thinking of maybe cutting it back flush with the fridge..it just makes more sense to me.  Its like a matter of 4 or 6 inches but it just feels odd to have it sticking out.  Bad Feng Shui, lol.
Oct 02 2012, 6:57 pm - Replied by: Soody

Hi AJ1,
Just wondering if you have solved your dilemma and how? Sometime in the future I'd also like to remodel my dinette, aka rip it out and replace it with something that is comforable, better looking, with better (dual) functionality.
Oct 03 2012, 4:52 am - Replied by: AJ1

well, no, not specifically.  I think I have decided to see if I can get it cut back about a foot on each bench, then use the space to make a u-shaped work/desk area.  I just got my RV today (YAY!) so I haven't gotten to actually work on it yet. 
Oct 29 2012, 6:52 am - Replied by: anatomist1

I'd have to see some pictures, but the way I remodeled did not involve cutting anything off.  That sounds half-assed.  The first step is tearing out unwanted structures and cleaning up.  Don't worry too much about exactly what you'll put in, just tear out whatever you don't want and live with the empty space to get ideas. I tore out my dinette, gaucho couch, closet, bunk bed shelf... all within a few days of getting my trailer.  I didn't complete renovations until 1.5 years later, with about 6 months of that solid work on it.  It wasn't easy, but it is now exactly how I want it, has a real twin bed, real couch, new electrical system, etc... I live in it, and it ultimately cost about half what a new one would without monetizing my labor, and the new one would not even be customized to my specs....

 Anyway, something like a desk/work area should be easy.  Tear out the dinette, then sit in the space and visualize what kind of seat, worktable, etc... you want there, then hybridize your ideal with what is possible.  You can even simulate with cardboard boxes and such.  I did that a lot.


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