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Learning how to spell...fulltime, full time or full-time
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Jun 12 2012, 12:44 pm - By wandrly

My computer seems to love squiggly red lines underneath all too many of my words. Not that I've ever been one to let that fat cat Webster and his grammar police girlfriend Merriam dictate any particular stretch of vowel and consonant cake I'm putting together...but on the other hand, nobody likes a typo. They're bad for your skin and three out of four housewives don't prefer them to the leading brand of Bloody Mary mix.

So my pondering: How do you spell it?

Fulltime, one, solid word, like a Class C ready to be backed in to any shady spot on a whim.

Full-time, like some trailer toad combo, always desperate for a pull through.

Or full time, separated but equal, one ready to sit around the park all day while the other flirts with finding city parking. 

Wand'rly Magazine
Sep 16 2012, 5:50 pm - Replied by: Alex_n_Mike

Well, according to the definitions, I would have to spell it fulltime! Ready for anyplace at anytime!
Sep 16 2012, 9:01 pm - Replied by: LiveWorkDream

I go back and forth all the time, I can't make up my mind! So much for the AP stylebook I used to have memorized.
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