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Oct 29 2012, 7:03 am - Replied by: anatomist1

I wouldn't let sewage intermingle with the grey tank, as apparently advocated.  I always empty black first, close the valve, then dump grey.  Grey water is relatively clean, but not anymore if you open both valves at the same time.

 As far as collecting rainwater goes, it is generally considered a last resort in off-grid water.  You need a drain field much bigger than the top of an RV and you really have to purify the water, because it will contain insects, bird droppings, acid rain, etc...  I run all water coming into my trailer through a 2 stage filter, then run all drinking water through a 3M B1 biofilter, under the sink.  Even so, with rainwater, I would probably have to install another coarse filter prior to the two-stage, to sift out coarse debris, then put in a final UV irradiation filter stage at the end before I would drink water stewed with bird droppings and flying cockroaches... 

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