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Jun 25 2008, 12:17 am - By jazzylady

Would like to see a new thread started for us singles to meet. Most people don't understand when I say I FTNH they just don't understand how anyone can sell everything off and move into a home that is less that 500 sq. ft. They think I'm nuts!. So its hard to met others that have their heads in the clouds like I do. Or I should say living their dreams in style in a RV.Have made some single friends on workamper.com but they say the same thing where do we meet others that love the lifestyle? I'm a 61 yr. old Grandma of 16 and love my family dearly but need to have my own life and this folks is it, Love It! I live 6 months in the midwest and 6 months on S. Tx. no snow, no land taxes, no mowing yard, no everything that goes with a brick and stick and very rewarding lifestyle. So you singles out there lets get on here and meet.
See ya down the road, life is the journey not the destinationn!
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Aug 25 2008, 8:26 pm - Replied by: EdC

Hello jazzylady,

I'm Ed and I'm getting ready to go full-time. My plans were to do this in the fall but I have to delay it because of an injury. Can't get everything ready in time so I'm shooting for sometime next mid-year. Initially I will start out snowbirding, then if all goes well I'll sell the house.

Happy camping!

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