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Topic Florida Driver's License/Residency
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Florida Driver's License/Residency
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Nov 17 2011, 6:20 pm - By zdaudert

Hi Everyone -

First, I'm really excited to discover this forum!

I am a Colorado resident who is now travelling full-time so I'd like to change my residency state from Colorado to Florida for a variety of reasons. I'm in the process of transfering all my business and other activities to Flordia. I have a small business in Colorado (LLC) that will remain but I'll also be doing work as a sole proprietor based out of Florida. Eventually all my accounts/affairs/etc. will be Florida-based and I will vote there, etc.

My question relates to getting a driver's license in Florida (exchanging my Colorado license). To do this, Florida requires 2 documents that prove a "residential address". I will be using one of the many mail forwarding services in Miami for mail but this address apparently does not work with the Florida DMV who told me on the phone that if I use a service like that the company would have to complete a "Certification of Address" form (linked below) and also provide documentation of their address (utility bills/etc.) similar to what I would provide if it were my actual physical address. However, I've found that the companies that provide mail forwarding services don't want to do that.

Has any gone through this? If so, how did you handle having a Florida residential address when you're actually on the road/on the go?



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Nov 18 2011, 3:02 am - Replied by: LiveWorkDream

Hi Zach, welcome!

Just curious why you chose Florida over other tax-free states?

We became Texans after joining Escapees and it's worked great for us. Texas is so much more business-friendly than FL. Our Escapees address is good enough for the state agencies we have to deal with (taxes, DMV, etc.). We also have property in CO and that hasn't been an issue since we spend more time away from there than actually there. 

What kind of business do you have? 

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Nov 18 2011, 8:20 am - Replied by: zennomads

Also I would only choose a mail forwarding service that could assist you in making sure you have all the correct documentation. I use the service below that is based outside Jacksonville. The county seat has a great relationship with these guys.

St. Brendan's Isle


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Nov 18 2011, 11:23 pm - Replied by: zdaudert

Thanks everyone!

Texas does seem to be easier and Escapees looks like a great service with many more benefits that some of the other providers that will help with the necessary documentation. 

Nov 19 2011, 2:29 am - Replied by: Technomadia

I've heard great things about Escapees and being a TX resident.  


However, we ended up selecting SD as our domicile, and using MyDakotaAddress.com for our mail forwarding, legal address, etc.  We have been extremely happy with the service, and they have assisted us every step of the way.  One of the benefits of SD is only 3% tax on new vehicle purchases - and as we've purchased 3 vehicles and 2 different RVs since 'moving' there (we're not only nomadic about where we're parked, but also what we're parked in - apparently), this has paid off very well for us.  We also like that they have no vehicle inspection. 


As we have business ties in FL, we did end up forming our LLC there.  If you do end up in FL for your business - I can recommend a great small business lawyer who is very nomad/vagabond/RVer aware & friendly. :)

We may eventually 'move' to Florida to consilidate everything, and if we did - St. Brendan's Isle is who we'd go with.  As far as for our legal address there, we'd probably use my parent's address.


Best wishes,

 - Cherie 



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Nov 21 2011, 4:35 am - Replied by: travelfables

I too use Saint Brendens Isle in Green Cove Springs (for 5+ years now) I have had no problems with them at all. They will help you with all that paper work. I love their Mail Scan Pro tools. I use that as my domicile. One thing to look out for is Florida sales tax. If you make a vehicle or camper purchase, it is taxable in Florida if it was purchased within 6 months of the date you register it there. Otherwise , a Florida domicile has been great for me.
Nov 21 2011, 4:41 am - Replied by: travelfables

I do think Florida does have some rule about a corporation needing a physical address, as well as a registered agent. I'm a sole proprietor, so this has not been a problem for me yet.
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