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Remote control AC controls?
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Aug 16 2011, 9:32 pm - By DigitalOne

So I either let the AC run all day and end up cold sometimes or I make a ton of trips from my dinette to the bedroom to turn the AC on or off. 

It's sort of annoying.

I currently have Intellitec controls and I was wondering if anyone knew of a controller that I can use a remote with. I've got two AC units and I'd like to be able to control both but at least one would be nice. I've had little luck with my GoogleFu but I'm still trying.  


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Aug 21 2011, 6:46 pm - Replied by: travelfables

Feel bad that no one has replied to this. So I will attempt something. I don't know the Intellitec system you are referring to, but also I don't know of any remote controls for the older ACs (they pull alot of juice).

 There might be some "smart-house" option?

There are tons of wee little 15amp remote controls, which would be very bad to put on a larger AC unit. I do feel your pain though with that get up and down to deal with the AC thing.

If I were industrious -and got really fed up with the process- I'd take a low-tech approach, and wire in one of those AC disconnects/breaker boxes in the bedroom. They will carry the load of a larger AC unit, and they are fairly cheap, of course decent gauge wire is getting expensive these days (and Of course knowledge of AC electrical wiring (and safety code) is required. ).

Any way good luck with your search.

Aug 22 2011, 1:56 pm - Replied by: TravelingOnTheOutskirts

It's not your ability to google, there just doesn't seem to be much information out there about this.  I want a digital replacement with a remote but apparently that's crazy talk.  Our current Intellitech ECC is acting...wonky.  I could put in two separate units but then I'd lose the shedding ability which I really really like.  If I find anything I'll post it here! :)
Aug 22 2011, 7:59 pm - Replied by: DigitalOne

Well that makes me feel better. My Google skills usually work. 

A remote controlled relay may be an idea too but I was hoping for updated electronics to replace my old system. It works fine at least but I want a remote control.  

I did notice that if I disconnect the one of the wires to my Temp sensor for the system it will shut down but this doesn't seem like "nice" way to control my AC. On the other hand I'm gonna research more about this sensor, maybe an inline toggle switch will do the job. (I extended the wires to try and find a better location for my temp sensor. It use to be right next to the fridge)

Aug 23 2011, 3:27 am - Replied by: blars

Wiring an external thermostat should be possible, but without knowing the specifics of your unit it might be at line voltage (120v) rather than the 24v (ac) normally used in home units.  My dad wired external thormostats to several window units when he was working as an air-conditioning repariman.  (before he retired).
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