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Feeling younger than a cotton top...
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Jun 06 2011, 1:26 pm - By Jack_Cate_2011

My wife and I have rv'd and tented for the past 19 years including a trip around North America in a Fleetwood Revolution 40 LE.  Stopped for a few years and now are heading back in to RVing.

The problem we felt is that we were too young even in our 50's/40's when we stopped at full timers locations to enjoy the amenities.  Heck we were up past 10 pm  and didn't want to bowl, bingo or potluck every night.  Hoping we have found a crowd of folk who look at RVing a bit different and enjoy what is out there at every stop along the way.

Don't know if this makes sense but we are not ready to sit in one site for 6 months of the year and spend the next 6 planning back home for the next 6 months....

Cheers and any comments and advice are appreciated.

here is a link to our blog from our past trip


It was quite a journey for us.

Time to get back into it!!
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Jun 06 2011, 3:27 pm - Replied by: LiveWorkDream

Welcome back to the road!

I'll just start by saying that your two dogs are adorable. What great co-pilots to have.

Where are you starting from and where do you think you're headed? I didn't have time to dive into your blog yet.

Jim and I are 41 & 43 and became snowbirds after 2 years of fulltiming. We spend summers at our place in the Colorado mountains and then we hit the road and move around in winter/spring. We don't stick to one place, there's just too much to see!

I think you'll find this crowd feels the same way you do about spending time in RV parks with the old timers...we're just too young to sit around playing bingo!

Thanks for joining, hope to meet up on the road someday.
Working and Living Our Dream Life
Jun 06 2011, 6:31 pm - Replied by: Jack_Cate_2011

We won't be planning to fulltime again as of yet.  We are looking at a smaller Class A Gas to ease back in.  Our last coach was "over the top" but it was great.

Really appreciate knowing that we have found the right group to learn and enjoy from.  We'll certainly be monitoring the site for updates and ideas.


Time to get back into it!!
Jun 06 2011, 7:51 pm - Replied by: zennomads

I have to agree that this group is all about having fun with all the experiences this lifestyle has to give. If you have a home on wheels it does not make sense to park in one spot.

Go forth and explore!!!

Zen Nomads - Wanderers in search of enlightenment
Jun 07 2011, 2:40 am - Replied by: Technomadia

Welcome.. you've found your peers, for sure :)   Chris and I are currently in our late 30s and have been full-timing for 5 years now.   And we're certainly not the youngest around here. 

In all our years on the road, we've had no trouble steering clear of the bingo crowd when we want to (do have to admit tho, we have encountered some *amazing* older folks on the road that we have truly enjoyed spending time with.. some amazing life stories and wisdom and youthful spirits out there.)

Best wishes on your journey back out on the road!
 - Cherie
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On the road since 2006 

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