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Topic dice.com for techie jobs
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dice.com for techie jobs
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May 12 2011, 2:41 pm - By zoemorn

Just sharing, have lurked here at NuRVer for awhile off and on, but just now opening my big mouth,
Posted this link at one of my blogs and think its pretty keen. If you're looking for tech jobs, this might be a good job hunting resource. I think it's better than using Monster or CareerBuilder anyway as it seems to isolate more specific job listings without as much spam and non-job postings (yknow, the get rich quick schemes, or the "this looks like a job posting but is really just a pay us for schooling posting")

Anyway, the site is www.dice.com  - and like other sites, you can create a profile, upload a resoom (resume), setup search agents that send you emails on new listings matching criteria etc.

and for the on the roader looking for mobile income, i created a search agent for Telecommute and its come back with some interesting results occasionally. Noticed a few Technical Writer gigs out there that pay well for the person that is or can get themselves skilled in that. Of course, programmer positions etc come up often in that listing.

zoemorn.blogspot.com - don't you dare!  B)
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