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Cool Safety Hitch
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May 08 2011, 5:15 am - By Robin

Has anyone seen or tried this?  Not sure how I found it, but it has some nice features, especially helping around corners and safety, driving and braking...


I'm not a paid endorser, just thought I would throw this out, (trying to participate) in case someone has not heard of it.  And if you have one or seen one, go ahead and post a review.

Bye for now,
Slab City Fulltime Resident - Robi
May 12 2011, 2:35 pm - Replied by: zoemorn

Looks interesting. I'm a wannabe full time RVer so haven't experienced the traditional setup yet, but that setup has some appeal. I do recognize though that it adds some extra length, as with a 5th wheel the connecting point is usually over the bed of the truck instead of behind as with the Safety Hitch. On the flipside of that extra length though, may mean you have more flexibilities in what model of truck you use to tow. Keeping power considerations constant of course, you would have some extra flexibility in picking a shortbed, maybe even an suv (do they have powerful enough SUV's for pulling a heavy 5th wheel?)
zoemorn.blogspot.com - don't you dare!  B)
May 12 2011, 11:49 pm - Replied by: Robin

I ASKED THEM ABOUT THE SUV AS I HAVE A HYUNDAI (whoops caps on) santa fe 2.7 6 cyl...they sent me a link to customer reviews that said they could pull with an suv, but the link did not work, so I replied that i wanted more info on what TYPE of suv.

Not getting back to me as of late.  AND these things are 8K, so I don't know, but ya as far as turning, they look safer...and if I got a truck, I could put a short/flat cab over the back and the dogs could ride in that rather than in the truckcab while I'm driving...but the length is something to consider.  Esp since I have never towed anything before.

Maybe I should stick with the C idea, sigh...still don't know.
Slab City Fulltime Resident - Robi
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