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Topic Great opportunity in Texas
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Great opportunity in Texas
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Feb 24 2011, 11:59 am - By TrendyCat

Hello fellow NuRvers,

We found a dearth of good opportunities while on the road so we have unretired and started a new company to provide good short term income opportunities while traveling.

We're currently seeking staff for a roadshow in Texas. We ran the pilot program with 15 teams for 2/1-2/15 and it was a huge success - so it's being expanded for the April-May timeframe.

Here is the ad we are running on Workamper:

Texas - Work for a month - earn enough to take the summer off! Successful road show expanding to 70+ locations in central and southern Texas. Need dedicated, detail oriented, friendly couples who enjoy extensive public contact for early April through May 10. (20-25 working days). Great earnings potential ($5,000+) selling chocolate in local grocery chain. For complete details and contact information go to http://www.workingtotravel.com/team.html 

PM, email me at bruce@wttent.com or give me a call at (307) 222-7007 if you want more information or are interested in joining our teams after you have reviewed the info on the web site.


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Mar 09 2011, 12:48 pm - Replied by: TrendyCat

We still have some great openings for our Texas shows. If you're going to be in Texas during the April-May time frame you can have fun and make some good money working with us.

Check our web site using the link in the earlier post or give me a call at (307) 222-7007. 

BTW, We've personally worked at Amazon.com, campgrounds and a number of other "traditional" workamping jobs, so we know what that is like. We specifically started our new venture to address the shortcomings of those jobs (inadequate pay, management/staff conflicts, too much time in one location, etc.)

Once you give these positions a try, you'll be hard pressed to go back to the other types of jobs. We're working on more shows in locations around the country for the fall. Teams that join us now will have first pick of the new opportunities in the fall.


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