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Topic Home Grown NuRVers Shirts!
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Home Grown NuRVers Shirts!
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Aug 29 2010, 9:51 pm - By KevsKnight

Today was Craft Day at NuRVers Central! TackyTexans brought over breakfast tacos, and we crafted up some NuRVers t-shirts! I can honestly say that each one came out as a mistake. Others would say "unique". Others would call it "trailer trash". No matta. They are AWESOME!!

Here is the story: I came up with a design in my brain. Did it up in Photoshop and posted it Twitter. A few people said "cool design - I want one!". I thought "sweet!".

I made a photo-emulsion print on a screen. I went to the Goodwill Store and bought up a bunch of t-shirts for super cheap. It was half-off day :) I then made three more prints on the screen because I didn't like the previous ones I did. Finally, one came out right.

TackyTexans - Brice and Rose - said they would love to do a Sunday Craft Day, so they brought over the breakfast tacos, and away we went. Each shirt was a disaster. Didn't come out like we thought. However, every one we did turned out to be awesome!! It was a recurring theme throughout the day. "Oh, crap!! Oh, wait - that is pretty AWESOME!!".

The day ended up with some awesome food on the grill, great drinks, and plans for future craft days!

I will soon have the shirts posted for sale. They are all up-cycled shirts from the Goodwill Store on South Congress in Austin, Texas. They were all created from a design created one night out of my brain. They were all created by people that love NuRVers, that loved making the shirts, and that had a few beers together.

These used, unique, slightly screwed up shirts were made of so much love, you may never wear another article of clothing that has so much love and good vibes connected to it. Even if it is not perfect, you will always know there is enough love in each shirt to weather any storm.

And they will only be $5. So, come on. Put your Quality Control skills away and enjoy the NuRVers love :)


1. I want a shirt! Where r u selling these? by BeBe
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