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Topic About me/us:-)
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About me/us:-)
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Feb 09 2008, 3:41 pm - By Cat

I guess I'll be first to post here:P

My names Cat (short for Catherine), I'm 27, from Toronto Canada. Just married my best friend and soulmate Bryan (Flying-Bryan-J), who hails from PEI, Canada. We met, instantly fell in love, caught a more severe strain of the travel bug, and left the condo for an RV! We've been fulltiming since the summer of 2006, and we just love it!

We travel around in a KZ Escalade pulled by a Chev 3500 dually. Along with us comes our himilayan cat Theodore Mittens, our two cockatiels Charlie and Cocoa, and a couple of hermit crabs


Both of us are kinda geeky (mmmm technology), love music (from classical to electronica), movies that make ya think and laugh, photography, travel (duh!), dancing, and meeting new people. I'm sure there's more but there you go, a short intro.


More about us can be found at ForeverYoungRV.com



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